Dwayne Johnson Kills ‘Toxic’ Black Adam Rumor Amid DCU Restructuring

Black Adam 2, Hawkman Spin-off in the Works

Amidst the ongoing shakeup at DC Studios, one of the rumors flying around regarding Warner Bros. Discovery is that Dwayne Johnson, who starred in the recently released Black Adam, had unfollowed both Warner Bros. and the Black Adam social media accounts. According to the star, however, that isn’t the case.

In a tweet sent out on Friday night, Johnson responded to the rumor. Johnson called the story “100% not true,” and said that he had never followed either account on Instagram at all. In another response after the author that shared the rumor had apologized, Johnson said that there were no hard feelings and that social media is currently an “insanely toxic time and culture.”

Stories surrounding Johnson and his time on Black Adam continue to swirl as fans wonder what the future holds for the franchise. After a mildly disappointing showing at the box office, reports began surfacing that Johnson had been denied a chance to cameo in the upcoming Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Other reports then came out suggesting that Warner Bros. believed that Johnson and his team had provided the studio with misleading reports on whether or not the film was a success.

Fans continue to wonder what the future holds for DC Studios as a whole. Recently, James Gunn announced that he would be writing his own Superman movie, and that Henry Cavill would no longer be playing the character. Gunn hasn’t addressed what the future would hold for projects like Black Adam or other established DCU franchises, however, so fans will have to wait for more information.

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