DC Reveals The Real Reason The Waynes Were Killed

The Court of Owls surrounding Batman.

One of the biggest mysteries in the DC Universe has been why Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed. Was it just bad luck, or was it something darker?

Warning! Contains Spoilers for Batman/Spawn #1!The murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne was one of the most important events in the entire DC Universe, it had a profound impact on Gotham City and created Batman, but the exact reason why the Waynes were killed has never been made clear, until recently.

The shocking reason behind the Wayne’s deaths is finally revealed in Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo’s Batman/Spawn #1. After being lured out to the site where his parents died, Batman is confronted by a member of the Court of Owls. The Court of Owls is a secret society made up of Gotham’s elite that has existed in Gotham for hundreds of years, manipulating the course of the city’s growth. The court is so dangerous it takes the team-up of Batman and Spawn to fight the Owls and it seems the Court had a hand in the death of Bruce’s parents.

Batman Parents Court of Owls

The Court Member that Bruce encounters sadistically teases Bruce over his parent’s death, specifically mentioning that Thomas Wayne had hidden something in Martha Wayne’s pearl necklace, something the Court wanted.

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The Court of Owls Had The Waynes Killed

Batman Spawn Talon

The deaths of Thomas and Martha sent huge reverberations throughout the DC Universe, not only did it send their son on the path to becoming one of the greatest heroes the world would ever see, but it also plunged Gotham into even deeper darkness. Thomas and Martha both contributed to Gotham City significantly in their own ways; Thomas was an extremely skilled doctor who saved many people’s lives and Martha was a philanthropist who ran charities and orphanages. The Waynes’ deaths were incredibly dark but the exact reason why these deaths happened was never given a concrete answer until now.

The canon status of Batman/Spawn #1 is unclear, and while the main DC continuity has presented the idea that the Waynes were killed by simple bad luck, just a mugging gone wrong, it makes perfect sense that the Court would have been behind it. The Court has existed for hundreds of years and is made up of Gotham’s wealthiest elite. They are a society that Thomas and Martha would have undeniably been invited to join, but would also undeniably deny joining. This made the Waynes dangerous; not only did they have the money to change the direction of the city, but they would also be aware of the Court. The Waynes’ death in Crime Alley was so tragic it pushed the city of Gotham even further into darkness, which is likely what the Court wanted.

The death of the Waynes was one of the most tragic events to befall Gotham City, but Batman/Spawn makes it even more tragic by suggesting that it wasn’t an accident. The Court of Owls intentionally sought out the people doing the most to help the city—Thomas and Martha Wayne—and killed them, but this had the unexpected side effect of creating Batman, one of the greatest heroes in DC Comics.

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Batman/Spawn #1 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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