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Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn shares his thoughts following a 43-3 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

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48 thoughts on “Dan Quinn Postgame Week 10 | #ATLvsDAL | Dallas Cowboys 2021”
  1. Dan Quinn def showed the falcons 😂😂 idk why the falcons came to Dallas thinking they weren’t mad after that last game. I trust Quinn, Moore and McCarthy. And we still don’t have our full team yet lol.

  2. Dan Quinn is the best DC in the league… so many men focus on scheme and technicality (which is important to an extent), but SPIRIT is what drives men to the edge of the earth… what is your culture? what is your attitude? are you motivated to live and die at the side of your brothers?? that's what will determine who wins… in every aspect of life!! Dan gets it! … glad to have him on board

  3. I think Dann Quinn has been a god sent to this team he has this defense tuned in and you see and hear how much they respect and love him as their coach its a beautiful thing to see i hope he stays with us for a while.

  4. Unlike big mouth Fangio, DQ is a pro and only talks about the plan, the play, the staff, and the players. Good show, Dan.

  5. I can't tell u enough how much I appreciate ur position as defensive coach for America's favorite team. You've changed them for the better! God Bless you 🙏💙🙏

  6. Falcannots fans are going to hate me. Especially, when I wear my Cowboys gear in Falcons territory. Oh well. How bout them Cowboys? Let's go!

  7. I am glad they didn’t even give up any tds late in the game, I know they usually give up those garbage time tds but glad to see defense put their foot on Atlantas throat and not let up

  8. This man loves this team. You can tell. I'm super proud to have him on our team!!! Cowboy nation 💙

  9. at first, i was not a fan of this man as a defensive coordinator. BUT I WAS WRONG. thank God we got this man. Thank you for busting your ass for my favorite football team. God Bless you and your family

  10. Cowboys have coaches who have been to Super Bowls – Quinn and McCarthy. .They have brought a SB mentality to the team

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