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48 thoughts on “#dallascowboys Fish POSTGAME SHOW – ‘Simply Quinn, Child’ 43-3 LAUGHER over #Falcons”
  1. " i hate it for Atlanta ". Yall remember that quote from me for 7 and 1/2 days straight!!. KC gonna get it as well.. maybe not by 40 but a whooping! They never had Dak. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Let me add my 2 cent's to my cowboys ass whopping of the Atlanta falcons. I am so happy with the way we played this game today against the falcons. I was hoping for 50 points but I will settle for 43

  3. DE Armstrong really stepped up, along with the secondary who had 3 picks. Our special teams outscored the Falcons offense, which was shut down the entire game. Congrats to Parsons who recorded another sack and Diggs who added another Int with 8 total.

  4. Man I hope the Cowboys can play like that in the playoffs because it's not like baseball or basketball where it's the best out of 5 or 7, it's one and done. I'm glad they pulled the starters so no one gets hurt because they could have easily put 50+ on the board!

  5. The 'Boy's are looking good, but Do the Cowboys have the division locked up?  Eagles are 4-6 with a late bye coming. They have maybe the easiest 2nd half schedule in the NFL. ( Saints, Washington 2X, Jets, Giants 2X. The Cowboys are 8-2 with no bye, playing Chiefs, Raiders, Saints, Washington 2X, Giants, and Cardinals before the Eagles in Philly. It’s very possible the Eagles run the table and end up 11-6.

  6. Fish says there's no bias…..They took the game off when it was 36-3 "for a more competitive game".But last week when Denver was beating us 30-0 they sure left it on.But there's no bias….After watching this team lose for almost 3 decades,I for one want to see them win in any fashion

  7. Broncos played there sb last week. Gotta be the flukeist game of the year. And they loose to the eagles this week. 😄 🤣

  8. I wanna hear Shannon sharpe run that bull crap now!! He never bring the Broncos up until last week no watch everyday!! 3 points allowed and I don’t wanna hear no shit everybody oh they beat the saints…. Bounce back cowboys!! All the commentators was waiting to say something… “oh this the same cowboys we expected” off one loss.. I get it we ain’t done… all that shit talking pissed is off and falcons got ran through.. good response uncle fish…

  9. I only have one bitch about the game… STOP using CeeDee on punts… he's not that good at it so the return for the risk sucks. Also… They put Diggs back there on one at the end of the game… WTF?

  10. Dear Atlanta Falcons: We know your playbook. Are you sure you should have fired me? Sincerely, Dan Quinn PS: How is that for a stroll down Memory Lane?

  11. Dak stayed in last week to work on his rhythm.
    2 TDs in garbage time. Win this toss. Do not differ.
    Opening drive for TD. Dak got his groove back.
    Thanks Fish.🤠

  12. Yep–Dorance Armstrong stepped up today with blocked punt and a sack. Every week somebody steps up and makes plays.To me this is definitely coaching culture and preparation. This NEVER happened under Garrett! We broke down under adversity and injuries—no matter the position.

  13. Tough call but here is my rank of top recv crew-
    #2- Michael Irvin, Alvin Harper, Jimmy Smith, Novacek
    #3- Drew Pearson, Preston Pearson, Tony Hill, Golden Richards, Billy Joe Dupree
    #4- Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glynn, Richie Anderson, Antonio Bryant, Jason Witten
    #1- Ceedee Lamb, Coop, Gallup, Cedric Wilson,

  14. It was a great team win they won on all three phases. Offense defense and special teams need to keep that going

  15. All burners were lit for the team at this game! Great Showing!
    My eyes tell me (from observations on ALL the games), the only weakness of the team is the run defense. At times, they look like their old "can't tackle" self… and that scares me.

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