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I’ve got some names the Cowboys SHOULD consider in free agency to fix this defense. Plus the latest Dak Prescott rumblings and an NFL Draft mailbag.

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50 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys Loose Company Goals || Dak Watch 2021 || Draft Mailbag”
  1. yes yes i love it the line we have had over the last 6 or 7 years set the TONE if a offlinemen is theirat 10 take him ///// butt gator te mmm is it pitts take him dallas has alwayshad A GOOD TE

  2. Hey Jeff, trade Gallup for Orlando Brown, cut Tyron for cap space. sign Desmond Trufant and use 1st rnd pick for Waddell or Pitts?????

  3. Are there any true free safeties in the 3rd/4th? I love the tackle in first but feel if you want a free safety it has to go in the 2nd. Also love how quickly outdated those Dak questions became

  4. Don't sleep on CB Trill Williams Syracuse in this draft. In fact, give me Williams in the 4th and Chris Wilcox in the 6th or 7th and I would be pleased with our CB depth.

  5. Love what you do Jeff. But I hope the Cowboys move Jaylon Smith back to MLB and he has an All Pro year and prove all you guys wrong. DC4L

  6. I love how everybody wants to get rid of the linebacker who hasn't missed a game since he's been the starter, despite having an injury in college so severe that people thought he'd never play football again, but keep the two who between them have each played one complete season since they've been in the league. Smh

  7. Jeff you said they wouldn't give him a deal that they would tag him bc you believed your buddy, that old relief pitcher. Wrong they got it done just proves that report was crap like we said.

  8. I’m getting sick of being called a Dak hater. I wouldn’t pay Aaron Rodgers 4/160. The point is, you CANT win a SUPERBOWL w a QB taking up so much team cap. I don’t get what’s not understood about this. Brady did sign a big contract at one point. But for most part was paid in the middle. I LOVE Dak. I just don’t believe paying your QB 13-15% of total cap = a SuperBowl. 🤷‍♂️

  9. Besides, I think Dak’s agent is just using Dallas and has no plan to sign long term with the Cowboys. I think something happened between him and Stephen and they’re both pissed off. That’s why when they finally said “Hello” to each other it was reported as PROGRESS!
    I think Dak’s gone after next year unless he gets hurt or has a LOUSY year. We need to pay off his WRs, lol.

  10. We think EXACTLY alike, Jeffrey. And I agree that the strength (and really to me, it’s been their identity) of this team has been The Great Wall of Dallas. While I agree it’s important, we have so much money in the OL that we HAVE to put some resources on Defense.
    If we got Patrick Surtain, Richie Grant and Alim McNeil, I would consider this a great Draft.

  11. Only reason D law has had low sack years the last 2 years is because every team runs all over us. If we get a 1 tech who can stop the run and sustain a lead you will see D law and Gregory’s stats jump

  12. Dak has been overrated since his rookie year bruh. And that’s not me being a “hater”. It’s the truth, it’s damn true. And I don’t have to hang out with Bryan Broaddus a few years to recognize that fact. It’s ultra simple.

  13. If we dont like paying that much money for Dak, doesnt mean we hate him.. 3 yr 105 is fine with me but not a dime more. Non exclusive tag, let him find out who will pay him what, if its too high take your 2 1st and move on

  14. Y dnt u start looking at practice squad players we can pluck cuz once daks tagged were not signing anyone wrth more then couple mill

  15. Do you think ET the player is done? Would he be a upgrade for this team this year? This year a ton of players will be playing on 1 year deals. Where can we get the best bang for our buck on this years FA crop?

  16. Sign Dak or trade him. You do not want to test karma and have him end up in the NFC or worse,, your division.

  17. Would a 3 yr Dak deal for $120M fully guaranteed sound right? $20M first year then $50M/year after when the CAP jumps back up and the TV deal is redone. Gives them a little more room this year to sign FA, gives Dak ability to say he was the first to be paid $50M/yr.

  18. Hey Jeff, can you do a mock where you trade UP to 3 to get a QB and see how you’re able to work the rest of the board?

  19. I got another name I'd like to see them go after in Free Agency, Desmond King. Go get that Swiss army knife and let's party

  20. How can Dallas target any top solid free agents of they tag dak cowboys can only get 3rd and 4th string free agents

  21. I know you like Surtain more than Farley but does having two slow corners worry you? I don’t think slow corners are necessarily a problem, but having two outside corners in the mid to high 4.5 range concerns me considering they’ll need to match up with a fast guy somewhere on the way to a super bowl.

  22. tbh idk how most teams will be able to function paying these insane salaries QB's are getting..imo they've gone up way too much and take up too large a % of the cap..only a very few # of teams that have a VERY elite QB, that can overcome alot of deficiencies, will be able to win SB's while paying a QB $40-45mill+..the market is forcing teams to pay good QB's elite of the elite type $ and there will be holes on many of these teams that can't be many cases I think it's gonna become more of a trend that the teams that win majority of the SB's will be teams that hit on a QB that develops quickly on their rookie deal..think that's why GM's are willing to even discuss trading franchise QB's..that never would've happened before..imo many GM's are feeling this way too and either considering or even opting to let a "good" QB walk in favor of taking their shot building around a younger affordable QB and if they can build up a few pieces around him along with a functioning defense they've got a great shot..obviously if u find a Rodgers or Mahommes u hang onto them but outside of maybe 2 or 3 names? teams are willing to see see what they can get in trade, and hope to build around a good young QB rather than break the bank in the rare hope that good QB becomes a HOF'er that can carry an entire franchise and overcome many deficiencies

  23. Hi Jeff, in a trade down scenario – what about picking JOK in the first round and how would he fit in the scheme?

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