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21 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys Jayron Kearse Stated "LOCK IN" | Movie Commentary”
  1. The abandoned coin partially squeak because thistle worryingly surprise abaft a needy dentist. far, chilly point


  3. I believe in kazee I know he is a ball hawk dan Quinn likes him for a reason look at his leauge leading interceptions year look at how he can track the ball . Coach said it "if there are 5 players I trust with the ball in the air kazee and trevon are top 2 " I believe he means that , I believe damantae kazee isn't playing free minded enough I think he playing to not mess up instead of playing free and he's letting other players make plays instead of making his own! Kazee hasent been on a team with this many stars maybe he doesn't want to disappoint every1 a little to much . I still think he can hit and the reason he is back there is because of his ball hawk ability more than anything I believe if we can get him to just forget the hype of being a cowboy and play free we can see some crazy interceptions

  4. Kazee cool Hooker cool good depth, however Kearse and Wilson are our starting safeties

    Kearse low key took Kazee spot

  5. Just shows how important it is to have smart hard hitting safeties on the defense. Itโ€™s a pity to have the last few years weโ€™re wasted on weaker safeties.

  6. They need to just leave Kazee alone. He made a mistake. If it becomes a pattern then punish him. Lets not forget there have been super star players from this team commit much worse crimes and get no punishment and were immediately forgiven. The man is human he deserves some slack. I guarantee most of the people screaming for him to be off the team or to be punished have done worse in their life time so people lets not throw rocks from a glass house. Getting a DUI is no fun even if you are rich like he is and it is embarrassing. This mistake may prevent him from ever doing it again. We don't know and I would say this even if he was riding the bench. One mistake doesn't make the man.

  7. Keep it Rollin work the matchups per game against the Vikings we will need expert lb play to keep run game in check
    I think we'll get pressure they are slow to develop passing plays even short passes.
    Offense should be good but better show up to conquer
    It will be tough game

  8. I gota say it agin law!!! WE GOTA SIGN THIS DUDE!!!! Him ,diggsie ,boss man fizzle fat and donno!!!! N hopfully nashawn comes around could be somtn special !!!

  9. Kearse is the perfect teammate I want to keep in on the team period nothing but positivity oozing out of him

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