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My doppelganger just doesn’t get it!!!!

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50 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys | Dak Prescott is the solution!!! LAW VS LAW”
  1. Not that cowboy fans think he sucks . Fact is not worth 25 to 30 million a year. Cowboys Carrie Dak . Let's keep it 100. I tell u I had enough of Romo ass too. Dak sucks first 3 quarters of every game every game puts ton of pressure on the d / run game every week perform well. D has a bad night we are fucked fucked . Run game has a bad night fucked . look at dak stats of 20 yards or more god awful. Look Dak stats on 3rd down
    Horrible. But he wants to rob us of 25 to 30 mill a year . if he was smart he take a deal make more money down the road after football over win a ring bring in guys or win 2 or 3 rings . Dak make up his money just from commercaials playing for biggest franchise in the world . He's a 4th round for a reason. Last 2 years nothing but inconsistent play. He'll we haven't even made it to nfc championship game and he wants top 3 qb money getvtbe fuck out of here.That being said love you Law .

  2. Great video bro! Here's my take on it. I stand behind Dak because he's the QB for the Dallas Cowboys. But that doesn't mean I'm blind to some of his inefficiencies. I praise him when he plays well and critique him when he plays poorly. But we have "fans" who bash him regardless if he plays good or bad.THAT'S what I have a problem with! I've been a Cowboys fan since '76 and I have NEVER seen one of our QB's talked about as much as Dak Prescott. I'm not trying to be racial but is it because he's black? Is it because some people have a deep rooted hate for him because of how the Tony Romo situation played out? Or is it because he needs a lot of improvement in certain areas? I think it's a little of all three. You can point out at least a dozen QB's in the league last year that had HORRIBLE games but you never heard fans of those teams say their QB "sucked".  Dak had games where he outplayed a number of QB's but you STILL had people saying "Dak sucks". We won games BECAUSE of him and some people STILL said "Dak sucks".  I've been saying this since 2016 and will continue saying it this season: For the fans who says he sucks, stop celebrating when the Cowboys win. Stop saying "HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!" Stop repping the team until he's replaced sometime in the future with a QB that's more to your liking. You look like idiots saying "Cowboys won!! How Bout Them Cowboys!! DC4L!!" But in the same breath you say "Dak sucks".

  3. I am riding with the Man all the Way to the End, what Else do We have Right now to Replace him With ? Either you luv him as Our Starting Q.B. or You hate him all Together, that's it in A Nut-shell ! "Take it just like it Is, or just Leave it Where it's Sitting at Then"…. "Point-blank"

  4. Dak is going to be our QB so The haters need to deal with it. However breaking the bank to pay him is another story. We all have seen what happens to teams that over pay at the position.

  5. Big facts 😂 dudes don’t even have valid information when they say dak is not good. they want to be Dallas Cowboys so bad 🤣

  6. Talk is cheap who wants to put their money where there mouth is. My moneys on Dak whos stupid enough to bet me???

  7. LAW NATION!! I heard some scuffling! Don’t beat dude up! Wait.. is he talking shit about Dak, then yea beat his ass!!

  8. To all the Dak Haters in CowboyNation, think if we let Dak go today, do you know how tough it would be to try & replace him, man it'd be hard livin' for the Nation so embrace Dak bro he's young & still has alot to learn be easy on him.

  9. Oh man! Lol 😅😅 that was spot on. It's hilarious, but its the truth. There are two sides debating our team qb. Keep it real, Law. Salute

  10. If anybody thinks they could take Dak Prescott out of line out of line and expect the cowboys to win like they been winning their delusion their delusion

  11. Law, that's why I just watch the content and not the chat box. We wouldn't have any players, let along good to great players, if it was up to Cowboys Nation. For some crazy reason they think every player is a scheme fit and that every player coming out of college or from another team is better than who we got. Are better yet it's a privilege to be a Cowboy and everyone should take a home town discount (Skip Bayless) in order to play for us. I bet if they boss asked them to work harder and take on extra responsibilities and they say it comes with a bump in pay, just name your price. They wouldn't give that company a home town discount, lol. Fickled ASF, and be hollering that's my QB, Hot Boys, Feed Me or Coop

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