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Two and a half weeks since straining his right calf, Dak Prescott says he’s feeling good and it’s “safe to say” he’s returning to the lineup Sunday against Denver.

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41 thoughts on “Dak Prescott: Feeling Excellent | Dallas Cowboys 2021”
  1. I always say never leave the win in the kickers hands, these dudes are so temperamental it's crazy how they be missing the extra point since it been move back a little

  2. I'm a Bronco Fan but I have alot of respect for Dak. He has been playing flawless. This is a no brainer Dallas win. Dallas is probably the best bet to compete in playoffs. I see Dallas Vs Tampa Bay maybe but honestly Dallas will win the way they are playing now.

  3. I am old enough to be his dad but I’m just glad to call him little brother.. mr. Prescott is Turly a CLASS ACT.. you could actually tell that he is. Because of the Way that people actually speaks about him and the way that he carry himself..ON and off the football field.Dak, gives us his Talent and his HEART!! All the time..Cowboy fans we are lucky we have been blessed with the CLASS ACT MR.DAKOTA DAK Prescott, And I thank GOD,🙏🏾⭐️ We Yes the True Dallas Cowboy fan we Do have Him.Now I pray that God continuously bless him and his family each and every day. Always in Gods, most perfect care🙏🏾⭐️.

  4. This man is a natural born leader. A hall of fame leader. Jerrah needs to understand what he has and appreciate it and build this team accordingly

  5. Love the response to the person on the Rogers question. Kinda fed up with these people cramming this covid crap down our throats.

  6. God bless dak and keep him healthy. Lord have mercy. And keep all the players healthy and happy and COVID free.

  7. Smart thing will be to not play him again this week. We are first place in division. Don’t risk it. The other teams ain’t catching up

  8. Dak got to where he is, from determination and hard work , a good lesson for everyone…! " Only a Champion knows what it takes to be a Champion " …Bob Mundon

  9. The McCarthy-Dak Era. Will go down in history as the best dynasty in the history of the NFL. SUPERBOWL CHAMPS 2021-2022

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