Hogwarts Legacy The Cursed Tomb Treasure Map that Triggers a Side Quest When Put in Inventory

The Cursed Tomb Treasure quest in Hogwarts Legacy gives players a special appearance for their gear, provided they locate a certain chest from a map they find while exploring the open world. With seemingly random drawings detailing a spot where players can earn rewards, the treasure map can be hard to decipher. However, it gives players clues for puzzles that need to be solved during the quest itself and a general idea of where they should be looking for this supposed Cursed Tomb.


Unlike most side quests that come from interacting with another character, players are given this mission immediately after they find the treasure map. Players need to have learned the Alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy through ‘”The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” quest early in the main story to get the map from a Level 1 locked chest. Completing the other part chapter of the story, called “The Helm of Urtkot,” is also required before players can find the item that starts The Cursed Tomb Treasure quest.

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Treasure Map Location

Hogwarts Legacy Skeleton Statue Outside Abandoned Manor for The Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest

By traveling to the Bainburgh Floo Flame fast travel point within the Manor Cape region, players can start exploring the area in the air with either a flying mount or on their Broom. Toward the southwest, players are able to discover an abandoned manor guarded by Inferi enemies at its entrance. Fire magic, such as the Incendio spell in Hogwarts Legacy, makes quick work of these foes, which are prevalent in all parts of the main building.

Inside the manor itself, players must go up the west grand staircase and turn left at the top to approach a gate near the south. Moving up the slope past this gate leads to an area with a skeleton statue on the right, which hides a secret entrance leading deeper into the manor once players light a brazier nearby with fire magic. Two powerful enemies named Alisa Travers and the Lord of the Manor ambush players soon after, but once defeated no longer guard a locked chest in this underground area with the treasure map that triggers The Cursed Tomb Treasure quest.

How To Interpret Drawings

Hogwarts Legacy Tomb of Treachery Location on Map from The Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest

There are three drawings on the treasure map in Hogwarts Legacy, one in the lower left depicting a pattern of tiles and two others marking what seems to be a location in the world. A large red “X” marks an area between two mountains at the end of a certain canyon’s river. When inspecting the sections of The Highlands region on the world map, the area that closely resembles this landmark is the Tomb of Treachery near the Poidsear Coast.

Using the Poidsear Coast Floo Flame puts players close to this tomb, which sits behind a waterfall that spills water into the river below. On the treasure map, the drawing near the top shows mysterious stones next to this waterfall and a red arrow pointing toward the wall of water. If players are unsure where to go once traveling to this spot, the treasure map helps direct players forward, as well as the Revelio spell in Hogwarts Legacy if they’ve never been there.

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Cursed Tomb Puzzle Solution

Hogwarts Legacy Curse Tomb Treasure Quest Puzzle Solved From Tiles on the Floor

Burning the webs near the tomb’s entrance lets players continue north into a tunnel with a few spider enemies to defeat. Finally, a large locked door with three empty spots resembling wire moths that players may have seen as they collected Hidden Field Guide pages around Hogwarts blocks progress deeper into the region. These moths can be led using the Lumos spell back to the door once players find them in others sections of the Cursed Tomb.

The first moth sits incredibly close to the door itself, while the second lies deeper in the tunnel past the door among a group of spider webs that must be burned away. The final and third moth remains far trickier to find in Hogwarts Legacy, as players have to go into a room on the left where webs block a small crate on the floor. Getting rid of the webs allows players to use Accio and pull the crate toward them, then Levioso as they stand atop the object to reach the platform above the room where the moth sits on the floor.

After opening the door when all three moths are brought back, players have to deal with a large group of Inferi instantly before attempting to solve the final puzzle. A group of eight tiles on the floor should be familiar as they connect to the last drawing on the treasure map. Simply arranging the three tiles indicated on the quest map in Hogwarts Legacy into their matching pattern using the Flipendo spell activates the square icon in the middle, lifting a chest into the room.

Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest Rewards

Hogwarts Legacy Treasure-Seeker's Attire Alternate Gear Appearance Received by Finishing Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest

The main reward for finishing this quest is the Treasure-Seeker’s Attire appearance, which does not modify any stats or boost abilities. Described as “An ensemble, for the consummate adventurer, earned by following a map to secret treasure.”, this look could appeal to players trying to change the visuals of their character. Additionally, players can transmog this appearance onto any other clothing, thanks to the transmog systems in place to modify gear within Hogwarts Legacy.

Another practical reward comes from the 400 galleons players receive from the chest. Despite the later point of the game’s story that must be reached to unlock this quest, this amount of currency can still be useful to purchase expensive potion ingredients or Room of Requirement schematics. Tracking down this treasure takes a bit of preparation to defeat the two mini-bosses in the abandoned manor, so players must have powerful spells unlocked before embarking on this mission. The Cursed Tomb Treasure quest in Hogwarts Legacy does not take too long to beat, but the appearance gained helps players looking to have a complete collection of visual options for their gear.

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Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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