Crystal Lake Fan Poster Imagines Friday The 13th Prequel’s Jason

Crystal Lake Fan Poster - Jason Voorhees

A Crystal Lake fan poster imagines the Friday the 13th prequel’s Jason Voorhees as both a young camper and the older, iconic killer.

A Crystal Lake fan poster portrays the iconic Friday the 13th slasher, Jason Voorhees, as his younger self in the upcoming prequel series. Following a lengthy legal battle over ownership of the 1980 horror classic Friday the 13th, writer Victor Miller retained the rights to his script. Peacock announced Bryan Fuller’s Crystal Lake prequel show in October, which will see Miller executive producing. Series details are under wraps for now, but it will presumably follow Jason and Mrs. Voorhees during the tragic events that turned both characters into vicious killers.


In response to the upcoming Crystal Lake series, a fan poster imagines the young version of Friday the 13th antagonist Jason Voorhees as he could appear in the show. In the concept poster by freelance designer Nasty Pieces of Work, young Jason, wearing a Camp Crystal Lake shirt with the word “Camper” on the back, stands in the water mirroring his older self underneath the water, clad with his signature hockey mask and machete. Series creator Fuller even commented on the fan design, “GORGEOUS.” Check out the poster below:

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What Jason Could Be Like In Crystal Lake

Jason Voorhees as a boy struggling to swim in Crystal Lake in Friday The 13th (1980)

Fans of the 1980 slasher classic Friday the 13th already know that young Jason appeared as a deformed boy with a drooping face in Mrs. Voorhees’s memories at Camp Crystal Lake and Alice’s nightmare. While Jason’s deformity is hardly visible in the fan poster due to the sun obscuring his face, it is logical to assume that the character would look similar to his 1980 counterpart in Fuller’s Crystal Lake series. After all, it is ultimately Jason’s appearance that causes his fellow campers to torment him until his tragic drowning and sets the events of Friday the 13th in motion.

If original makeup artist Tom Savini returns for Crystal Lake, young Jason could look almost identical to the 1980 film version. But, even if he does not, Friday the 13th fans should still expect a familiar look. Unlike Nasty Pieces of Work‘s concept poster, however, Jason Voorhees will likely not mirror his future self in the series. The duality showcased in the design is clever due to the nature of Jason’s supposed death and because it foreshadows his path in life, but Jason was an innocent, mentally disturbed boy that developed bloodthirsty tendencies because of his circumstances and the death of his mother.

No matter what type of character Jason becomes in the Crystal Lake prequel series or what he ultimately looks like, the fan poster is conceptually brilliant and visually appealing, praised by director Fuller himself. The only element missing is Mrs. Voorhees, who could play an even more pivotal role in the Peacock show than Jason. Still, Jason is undoubtedly the face of the Friday the 13th franchise, so expect any official Crystal Lake marketing to feature the classic cult slasher just as prominently as the fan poster.

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