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How Cowboys Fans Reacted to the Falcons Game
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Directed & written by: Scooter Magruder
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50 thoughts on “Cowboys Fanatics All the way through the Falcons Recreation”
  1. I've seen this team crap the bed too many times to say that "last week was just a fluke", but this was a good bounce-back win. Let's see how the rest of the season goes.

  2. Some nice gems:
    "Are we already back in the red zone?"
    "If we weren't up by 30, I'd be mad"
    Learning about Ceedee's helmet headbutt to Dak: "We are wild!"


  3. Relax… GET REAL!! Y'all beat up on the statistically WEAKEST defense in the league… Congratulations…

    y'all stopped an Offense with NO run game/no OLine… NO WR1…A rookie TE, and the leading pass catcher is an undrafted WR!?? GTFOH!!🤣

    Y'all feeling y'all selves huh?? Beat up on a bad team makes you feel alot better. GTFOh! I'll be back on here to check in when y'all start to play top tier teams,

  4. Yall ever wonder what theze dudes will say if the boys do win it all. Lolmfao. I can't wait to see what happens. Come on KC!!!👍

  5. Wanted to dislike the video, but I love your content Scooter, but damn your Cowboys didn’t have to molliwhop my Falcons like that!

  6. Often when I play a Youtube video, I favor those that I can enjoy as some sort of podcast. The audio is key. But with Scooter, I also need m¡y weekly fix of Cowboys fan facial expressions. I just hope that Cedarian ( I didn´t know either) Lamb is not out with an injury for too long,

  7. “We got a new kicker?” “How do you pronounce his name?” “Netanya..?”

    I’m dead …👀😂💀😂

  8. Man when they subbed in Rush I was hoping they go for 50pts but I guess they thought it was overkill 😂 Rush played only one game but we knew he could've easily pass it for the touchdown but no.. they went with rushing I'm guessing to run down the clock to end the Falcons misery 🤭

  9. IF SOMEONE dares to match this video up with highlights from the game….I WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH you…that is a promise.

  10. This is glorious I fucking died I said exactly that at the exact same moment of the game life is complete

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