Chaudhry And Sons Packs A Punch With Entertaining Performances

All good things must come to and end, and such us the case with Chaudhry And Sons. The Ramazan play gripped many, inducing laughter whilst also tugging at heart strings. Without giving too much away, here’s what we loved about the show.

The Plot

Saima Akram’s ‘Chaudhry And Sons’ centred around a Punjabi household – but with a dash of Hyderabad Deccan this time around. The head of the household, Chaudhry Dildaar, is shown to be a man with a great deal of pride, especially in family values and principles. No one in his family has ever married outside the caste, except his daughter Sabahat, who is no longer a part of the family. Sabahat and her husband, who have passed away in a car accident, leave behind their daughter Parisa (Ayeza Khan) with her grandmother Malka Begum (Irsa Ghazal).

The duo reach the Chaudhry household, unaware of their real identity. It is here that the adorable Billu (Imran Ashraf) falls in love with Parisa instantly. And so, with a secret at the heart of this tale, the story unfolds.

The Performances

Undoubtedly, the powerhouse that is Imran Ashraf deserves yet another shoutout for his convincing and jovial portrayal of Billu. Ayeza Khan makes an excellent Pari, and it’s wonderful to see these two talented actors combine their skills to create the chemistry that they have in Chaudhry And Sons.

Moreover, Irsa Ghazal and Sohail Ahmed as the grandparents were phenomenal as well. The audience adored the duo, as did we, and they definitely add to the show’s overall appeal. Saqib Sumeer, Madiha Rizvi, Shagufta Ejaz, Noorul Hassan, Asma Abbas, Sami Khan, Yasir Nawaz, Zoya Nasir, Ashraf Khan, Usman Peerzada, Hammad Shoaib, and Beenish Chohan portray their parts well too.

The Verdict

While the plot-line isn’t entirely fresh or new, it tweaked just enough material for things to stay engaging. Once again, the show does manage to keep audiences hooked throughout, and the performances must be credited for this as well. Many also loved the fact that the show focused on family values and emphasized upon reunions, which undoubtedly makes for a wholesome watch. Overall, Chaudhry And Sons is an entertaining watch, and if you haven’t watched it – well, you’re certainly missing out.

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