Courage - Journalism Is Not a Crime: Marina Walker Guevara, ICIJ

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“They are devoted to journalism but are under an immense pressure by governments, companies and criminals. They use the investigative toolbox to fight corruption and injustices. They reveal what those in power wants to hide. They face torture, jail and even death, but still they keep on fighting for freedom of expression. From three different countries on different continents – with one thing in common. They have Courage – because Journalism is not a crime.”

Investigative and critical journalists are being targeted by repressive regimes all over the world. This film is a tribute to them.

The project is initiated by International Media Support who has tasked the independent Danish director and investigative journalist Tom Heinemann to develop and produce the film, website and social media outlets. In this material you will find in-depth interviews with some of the leading experts from ICIJ (, GIJN (, EFJ ( and IMS (, just to name a few.

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About Tom Heinemann –

Tom Heinemann has been working as an independent investigative journalist for more than 25 years. Two time awarded as “Outstanding Investigative Journalist” by the association on investigative journalism in Denmark (FUJ). Three times runner up for “Journalist of the year” in Denmark. (Cavling) His films have been sold all over the world, and he has received numerous international awards for his work on global issues. Tom Heinemann often teaches or lectures at universities and at conferences all over the world.

About Marina Walker Guevara –

​Marina Walker Guevara, United States, is ICIJ’s deputy director. Over a 20-year career, she has investigated environmental degradation by mining companies, the global offshore economy, the illicit tobacco trade and the criminal networks that are depleting the world’s oceans, among other topics.Her stories have appeared in leading international media, including The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, Le Monde and the BBC.


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