Black Adam Reshoots Cost $70 Million, Will Not Turn a Profit Theatrically

Black Adam Reshoots Cost $70 Million, Will Not Turn a Profit Theatrically

As part of the news that a Black Adam sequel will not be moving forward at DC Studios, a new report from The Hollywood Reporter notes that the first film will not be profitable from just its theatrical run.

The latest report on the future of the Black Adam franchise notes that the film’s $391 million box office turnout might have been sufficient had it not been for a number of problems — one of which was the film’s budget. Originally set at $190 million, the report mentions that costs for the film quickly shot up to $260 million following a 20-day round of reshoots that stemmed from a poor test screening.

Marketing costs were also not included in the final tally, but due to just how much the film was marketed, it’s likely that the numbers for that were fairly high as well. That, combined with the rumored $70 million cost for reshoots, means the film won’t turn a profit from just its theatrical run.

While previous reports have cited that the potential for future films might have helped Warner Bros. Discovery recoup that cost, with the future of the franchise now looking bleak following the changes occurring at DC, it seems like Black Adam will just have to be chalked up as a disappointment for the time being.

While much of the DCU’s future remains a mystery, James Gunn recently announced that Cavill would be exiting the role and that Gunn would be writing a new Superman movie. Additionally, several notable cameos have been nixed from The Flash and Wonder Woman 3 is no longer in development. There are also reports that Jason Momoa will no longer be Aquaman and will be recast as another DC character.

The next DC Universe release will be Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which releases on March 17, 2023. It will be followed by The Flash, starring the troubled Ezra Miller, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The future afterward is currently uncertain as Gunn and Safran decide upon their 10-year plan for the DCU.

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