Battle for Olympus Event Guide (All Challenges & Rewards)

Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Free For All Olympian Overwatch Heroes Battling In Ilios Ruins

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Overwatch 2’s Battle For Olympus event has introduced the brand-new Battle For Olympus limited-time mode, with eighteen special event challenges players can complete. By playing and completing objectives as each of Battle For Olympus’ seven Olympian heroes, players can earn special voice lines, profile titles, Battle Pass XP, and even the Legendary Winged Victory skin for Mercy. Alongside these rewards, Overwatch 2 players can also check Battle For Olympus’ special leaderboard to see which of these seven heroes has the most kills. At the end of the event, the hero with the most kills will get a special statue placed at the Ilios Ruins.


The Battle For Olympus event marks the game’s first event this year, ahead of promised new Overwatch content updates in 2023. Players will need to play the Battle For Olympus mode to complete event challenges, which is essentially a free-for-all deathmatch mode with seven heroes: Ramattra, Junker Queen, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Pharah, Widowmaker, and Lucio. Each hero wields the powers of the gods of Olympus, with unique special abilities and divine ultimates that players must master to defeat their opponents. In addition, players can earn rewards by completing challenges and reaching certain milestones.

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Olympian Champion

Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Poseidon Ramattra, Hades Pharah, Cyclops Roadhog and Zeus Junker Queen Battling In Ilios Ruins
Credit: Blizzard

To complete the Olympian Champion challenge, players need to win 10 matches of Battle For Olympus. In order to win a match, players must either be the first to score 20 eliminations or be top of the leaderboard at the ten-minute mark. Players should pick their mains to stand the best chance. Otherwise, playing as Overwatch 2 Tank Reinhardt or as Damage hero Pharah are good ways for players to climb the leaderboards.

It should be noted that in Battle For Olympus, all heroes have received buffs to their abilities and ultimate abilities. Reinhardt’s buff targets his Charge ability, reducing its cooldown and allowing players to pin and slam up to three opponents at once. Wall slams also heal Reinhardt and deal lethal damage. This buff makes him extraordinarily tough to battle one-on-one and an excellent pick for players looking for a well-rounded main for this mode. Similarly, Pharah can now move using her Rocket Barrage ultimate ability, which also lasts longer, allowing players to easily pummel low-health opponents such as Lucio or Widowmaker.

However, players will find that all seven heroes are reasonably viable picks in this mode. Overwatch 2’s breakdancing DJ hero Lucio can easily perform environmental kills by knocking opponents off map edges, making him something of a menace in this mode. Alternatively, players can take advantage of Medusa Widowmaker’s new ability, freeing any enemies that look at her when she’s scoped in. This rewards players with 5000 Battle Pass XP.

Blessing Of Hephaestus And Nectar Of The Gods

Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Lucio Player Looking At Ultimate Charge Pickup

To complete the Blessing of Hephaestus and Nectar of the Gods challenges, players must pick up 20 Overhealth pickups and five ultimate charge pickups, respectively. These are new pickups exclusive to this mode, allowing players to build 15 Overhealth HP or an additional ultimate charge. Overhealth is likely less useful to Tank Heroes such as Junker Queen compared to considerably less sturdy heroes such as Lucio or Widowmaker, but grabbing Overhealth packs can be useful in a pinch. They typically appear together, allowing players to build some overhealth quickly.

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Ultimate charge pickups are extremely useful regardless of players’ hero picks. These build ultimate charge, bringing players closer to unleashing their ultimate abilities. Due to their buffs in Battle For Olympus, ultimate abilities are incredibly powerful and can devastate multiple opponents at once. This is true for most heroes, whether players are charging into the fray as Junker Queen or blasting their opponents with Overwatch 2‘s Roadhog’s Whole Hog. However, ultimate charge pickups are rarer than overhealth, and players will need to grab them before their opponents seize them. By completing these challenges, players can get the following rewards:




Blessing of Hephaestus

500 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 500 Battle Pass XP Icon

Nectar of the Gods

500 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 500 Battle Pass XP Icon

Pride Of Poseidon, Zeus’ Favorite Child, Master Of Minotaurs, Scion Of Cyclops, Sentinel Of Hades, Acolyte Of Medusa, And Herald Of Hermes

Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Reinhardt Eliminating Lucio With Earthshatter Attack
Credit: Blizzard

These challenges task players with scoring 300 final blows with each of Battle For Olympus’ seven heroes. Players can only score a maximum of 20 eliminations in a match, so these challenges are extremely tough and time-consuming. Given the length of this event, it’s generally advisable that players prioritize playing as their favorite heroes and mains to get the rewards they want. Brushing up on hero tips and strategies and tweaking Overwatch 2’s aiming reticles can give players an edge.

It’s unlikely that anyone other than the most dedicated Overwatch 2 players will be able to complete all these challenges. Completing each grants players a new title to show off on their Overwatch profiles.




Pride of Poseidon (Ramattra)

Player Title – Pride of Poseidon

Overwatch 2 Player Title Icon

Zeus’ Favorite Child (Junker Queen)

Player Title – Zeus’ Favorite Child

Overwatch 2 Player Title Icon

Master of Minotaurs (Reinhardt)

Player Title – Master of Minotaurs

Overwatch 2 Player Title Icon

Scion of Cyclops (Roadhog)

Player Title – Scion of Cyclops

Overwatch 2 Player Title Icon

Sentinel of Hades (Pharah)

Player Title – Sentinel of Hades

Overwatch 2 Player Title Icon

Acolyte of Medusa (Widowmaker)

Player Title – Acolyte of Medusa

Overwatch 2 Player Title Icon

Herald of Hermes (Lucio)

Player Title – Herald of Hermes

Overwatch 2 Player Title Icon

Voice Of Poseidon, Voice Of Zeus, Voice Of The Minotaur, Voice Of Cyclops, Voice Of Hades, Voice Of Medusa, And Voice Of Hermes

Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Zeus Junker Queen Eliminating Opponents With Divine Rampage Lightning Attack
Credit: Blizzard

These challenges task players with scoring 25 final blows, with each hero using their respective ultimates. This will be easier for certain heroes, such as Pharah, whose ultimate abilities are specifically designed to damage other players and score sudden, surprise eliminations. However, these challenges are slightly easier to complete, and with a bit of time invested into mastering ultimate abilities, players should be able to collect a few voice lines for their heroes.

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Players can grab the following rewards for completing these challenges.




Voice of Poseidon

Free the Kraken Voice Line for Ramattra and 1000 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 500 Battle For Olympus Ramattra Voice Line And 1000 Battle Pass XP Reward Icon

Voice of Zeus

Struck like Lightning Voice Line for Junker Queen and 1000 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 500 Battle For Olympus Junker Queen Voice Line And 1000 Battle Pass XP Reward Icon

Voice of the Minotaur

Minotaur Power Voice Line for Reinhardt and 1000 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 500 Battle For Olympus Reinhardt Voice Line And 1000 Battle Pass XP Reward Icon

Voice of the Cyclops

My Eye Voice Line for Roadhog and 1000 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 500 Battle For Olympus Roadhog Voice Line And 1000 Battle Pass XP Reward Icon

Voice of Hades

Eternal Flames Voice Line for Pharah and 1000 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 500 Battle For Olympus Pharah Voice Line And 1000 Battle Pass XP Reward Icon

Voice of Medusa

Your Own Gravestone Voice Line for Widowmaker and 1000 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 500 Battle For Olympus Widowmaker Voice Line And 1000 Battle Pass XP Reward Icon

Voice of Hermes

The God of Speed Voice Line for Lucio and 1000 Battle Pass XP

Overwatch 2 500 Battle For Olympus Lucio Voice Line And 1000 Battle Pass XP Reward Icon

Winged Victory

Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Winged Mercy Legendary Skin

To complete the Winged Victory challenge, players need to complete six other Battle For Olympus challenges. Completing this challenge rewards players with the Legendary Winged Victory skin for Overwatch 2 healer Mercy.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Overwatch coins up for grabs, which will likely disappoint more than a few players looking to grab items from the in-game shop. Despite that, players might still like to pin a few challenges to complete to grab some battle pass XP and some cosmetic content for their favorite Overwatch 2 heroes.

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