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Smitty gives you his thoughts on the Falcons big loss to the Dallas Cowboys


34 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons Fan response to embarrassing 43-3 loss to Cowboys | SSM Atlanta Falcons Record”
  1. Smitty The worse Falcons game i have ever seen in 41 years This Defense is just Plain SHIT.. Patriots will Destroy us Man. This is PATHETIC

  2. For those who know or may not know, I listen to all of these games on the radio because I am blind and I get more out of the game that way. I worked in radio before. Very experienced. That being said, in the first half, Dallas should have been called for holding but that did not happen until the second half. The officials knew what was really happening. This is why I am not a fan of referees. Falcons just couldn’t overcome not much of anything. Great times are coming. Just be patient. Keep your head up dirty bird nation.

  3. They still are a young team and most of these people haven’t played together before so they still have lot to put together

  4. This is what happens when you barely beat trash teams and then get exposed when you play a legitimately good(and relatively healthy)team. Our personnel is sub par. On Offense, Pitts and CP are the only dynamic/explosive players we have. The Falcons HAD to know that Dallas was going to come out pissed/focused after the hiccup at home last week. The game ended after that missed 4th down.

  5. Not sure why Smith thought it was a good idea to go for it 4&7 when we could of just sent koo for the field goal. I feel for the Falcons fan that was there it had to been embarrassing. Hopefully we get back to winning as this was ooogly


  7. The guy hired got his azz handed to him by the guy who was fired 🔥🔥… what are we doing here Falcons organization… smdh 🤯

  8. Today was an ugly day for the whole team…but I to be the one to harp on Matt Ryan but it starts with him! You put pressure on Ryan…you are going to lose! Please start Rosen on Thursday!!!

    It’s not Arthur Smiths fault but the manager on the field let us down and that’s Matt Ryan!!’

  9. The Falcons are the laughing stock of the NFL. From 28-3 to not falling kick returns to a complete blow out and I bet money on their sorry asses like an idiot😩😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Dallas is absolutely a Super Bowl contender and the New England is too. I just hope the Falcons don't embarrass themselves again on national TV this Thursday. Hey, at least the Hawks finally won a game, and it was against the Bucks. Maybe they'll start playing better.

  11. I told you smitty that the Falcons hired the wrong coach!! They should have hired Raheem Morris to coach the team, plus look at drafting of the sorry offensive linemen they drafted! They don't draft well or coach well, Arthur Blank is hiring people who are just taking his money, and the fans are spending their hard earned money on a product that's never going to be nothing but mediocre until they get the organization right, because Atlanta fans deserves so much better, this is insane trying to support and cheer on the Falcons year after losing year!

  12. I'm not even mad Smitty just over it. Loses like this is just embarrassing this team just can't stay consistent. EVERYONE PLAYED BAD. Coaching was terrible up there with the Eagles game. Both Pees and Smith need to play these playmakers like Walker Hawkins Grant Rush etc. I think this year at least I wanna hope Smith and pees are just weeding out all the players that won't be with us next year but I gotta see better coaching from Smith

  13. Where is Richie Grant? Defense is….Bad…Smitty…changes needed on both sides of the ball…Must win Thursday is very 👍 true

  14. We are cursed. Watch Arthur Smith get fired and be successful some where else. Like Dan Quinn or Kyle shannahan his first season in SF. Just watch

  15. There’s nothing positive to take from this game. We will lose on Thursday because we cannot win at home. In my opinion, the fourth quarter of the Saints game continue today.

    I don’t understand why Hurst isn’t being utilized.

    I wish Arthur Blank would sell the team to an owner that isn’t going to allow the team to be the laughing stock of the league.

  16. What in the heck, happened, Smitty? I didn't watch your game…didn't come on in my area. Don't have cable either. I saw the score at the bottom later on.

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