Aryan Khan first Diwali Celebration after released from jail with Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan

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38 thoughts on “Aryan Khan first Diwali Birthday celebration after launched from prison with Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan”
  1. दीपा वली का तयोहार परिवार के साथ खुशिया बाटने का ही है धनयवाद

  2. Khan aap k barkhudar k lean ham Pakistani log duaon ma yaad rakhty gain likin aap aik Muslim hain aap ka dewali se kiya laina daina hai.nawafil ada Karen khen aisa na ho bail reject ho jae.air laine k Caine par Jaen.plz dear sochain kuch

  3. film industry me ab koi bachha rota ha to baap bolta
    सो जा बेटे वरना वानखेड़े आ जाएगा

    बीड़ी पी ले , बाप वाला विमल खा लेना आर्यन पर ड्रग्स अब ली तो
    ठाकुर तो गियो …. करन अर्जुन कुछ ना कर पाएँगे

  4. My favourite actor of all time. My favourite movie is khabir Khushi khabi gham with him and the legend that is Amitab Bachan. As an African I can honestly say Bollywood movies are better than Hollywood movies. Sorry Tom Cruise my guy is King Khan 😊. I can't wait to see the legend that is SRK in action again ❤️

  5. Pretty much everyone in India knows in their hearts the answer to the question of "do they believe that Aryan uses drugs?".
    Just answering to your inner self is enough.

  6. Aryan your family is your backbone dont worry come outcof your depression we all know you are innocent be happy with your family poor sharuk iscdo much worried about you i understand what you have gone it will take time your wounds will heal i prayercyou recovery your true self that,s enough for your family n us good luck God bless you my child


  8. Aryan all times come in life come and go just handle them positively.
    Hope this Diwali brings you and your family loads of happiness and good health.
    Happy Diwali.

  9. Why Aryan Khan never smile or never gives big laugh 😆 what is the reason every time he seems very serious and kept quiet 🤫 never felt happy with his family members and friends

  10. Heero nai ban saka mujarim ban ke sab ko heela diya ओर भी करे गा ये लड़का ड्रग का डिप्रेशन मेंटैलिटी करएजी छोटा बचा 😜👎

  11. Beautiful family. God bless
    Aryan keep strong. You are young and you have it all so make the best of your life now.
    What has happened was just to throw you back on the right track. There are many who go through this. So not the end of the world.❤️🇿🇦

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