Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has often shared her two cents in how toxic the Indian film industry is. The National award-winning star has previouly spoken about lobbying in Bollywood, saying that the ‘inner circles are too powerful to get into.’

Now, in an interview, she said that breaking into Bollywood is like breaching the Great Wall of China. According to The Indian Express, the Gangster actor said that finding common ground is crucial to avoid ‘getting carried away with petty human emotions’. Ranaut commented, “[Bollywood] is a place where there is no love, no empathy, no sense of camaraderie, no sense of compassion, you can only imagine how toxic that place is going to be.”

She continued, “Whereas regional cinema is going higher and higher, and we are also seeking some kind of place (in an industry) where people are so wonderful to each other. I hope it remains like that and too many people coming in here don’t ruin it.”

She went on to add that when she entered Bollywood, there was no proper process in place. “There were no casting agents, there were no OTTs to launch actors, it was a very difficult time,” she said, adding that she was ‘desperate’ and in a ‘do-or-die’ situation and after having ‘closed all doors’, she had no choice but to fight her way into ‘the Wall of China of the film industry’.

Ranaut also admitted that because she is still new in south India, she has a ‘very superficial’ view of the regional film industries. The Queen star shared, “What is very striking about regional cinema is that at least they find some common ground. They’re chameleons, and that’s something that they resonate with… Whereas in Hindi films, because we’ve all migrated to Mumbai, there is so much diversity there, yet there is a bit of tension always.”

She concluded, “Everybody wants to pull everybody down, that’s not helping at all. It’s become such a toxic place that somehow, nobody is happy for another person, and we are not able to find a common ground we are able to identify with.”

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