Amari Cooper on 105.3 The Fan | 1/14/22 | Dallas Cowboys 2021


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15 thoughts on “Amari Cooper on 105.3 The Fan | 1/14/22 | Dallas Cowboys 2021

  1. Man I hope Dallas uses Coop and CeeDee like they should be this Sunday. There is a reason they are the best, now I hope they use them that way finally.

  2. The problem starts with Center and Left Guard. And Dak has no confidence cuz of those 2. So Dak then screws up.

  3. 🤣 Not so athletic fellas gawking at a pro football player !!! It Checks out
    You 3 script this crap ??
    Journalists 🤦🏽 !!!

  4. I lookin for and hoping for Amari to have a big game !! My biggest bitch of the year is Kellen under utilizing Amari's talents, and not sticking with the run game when they needed too…

  5. I guarantee if Dallas lose and Coop have a quiet game do to low targets the media will bash Coop all week long instead of looking at how horrible Kellan and Dak has used and targeted him all year. Coop finished the year tied with Dalton Schultz in targets and 36th in the NFL. SMDH

  6. Mane!!! Who is Josh Norman covering? Lots of feelings are going to be hurt after the weekend!! Baby Bosa the most!!

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