Allegations Of Misbehavior Are Piling Up Against Sana Javed

Recently, the entertainment side of social media was set ablaze when allegations of misbehavior by actress Sana Javed began pouring in.

The Allegations

This string of claims began when model Manal Saleem took to her Instagram stories to state that clients should avoid making her shoot with any actress or celebrity due to their “self entitled attitudes.”

While Manal refrained from naming the actress in question who reportedly called her a “dou takkay ki model,” she did state that people guessing who the actress was were not too far from hitting the nail on the head.

The situation unraveled further when make-up artist Omayr Waqar weighed in on the matter as well, stating that “It’s just one person – not all actresses are the same.”

Public Opinion

This matter alone sparked a debate between the general public, who not only took turns trying to guess the individual being discussed, but also shared how they felt that entitlement and an overtly inflamed sense of pride are traits that are both unnecessary and unbecoming of any person – especially when it is a person in a position of relative power.

Further Developments

Within a span of barely two days, however, accusations grew from being merely speculative in nature, to others within the industry sharing their experiences.

Models Mydah Raza and Mushk Kaleem took to their Instagram stories to discuss how “this actress is notorious for being unpleasant on set,” like an alleged bully, and how the encounter spoke more to the actress’ own insecurities.

Stylist Anila Murtaza shared an Instagram story with a thought bubble with the name ‘Sana’ in it, and makeup artist Ikram Gohar stated that he knew it was none other than Sana Javed being discussed, calling her a “horrible and unprofessional actress.” Make-up artist Rhyan Thomas applauded those speaking up, sharing that he had the worst experience working with the star, stating that “people like them think no end to themselves.”

Detailed Accounts

Shortly after, Ikram Gohar went into great detail to further explain his stance, talking about how Sana Javed is “horrible and unprofessional,” and he will never work with her again.

Moreover, Ikram talked about Sana allegedly calling him to a place in DHA for her nikkah makeup trial, during which she mistreated him over an eyeshadow look, and refused to let him use the washroom at the place they were in, urging him to utilize a rest room at a restaurant in front of the space in which the trial was ongoing.

He stressed upon the fact that the industry consists of many names that maintain professional decorum, regardless of their star power.

In addition to this, Rhyan Thomas shared an incident where he was called in by models Sana Javed and Sadaf Kanwal for the PISA awards in Dubai, where Sana allegedly displayed behavior that was both unprofessional and petty.

Given that two models had to be catered to, timings were set accordingly by Rhyan. However, as per Rhyan’s recollection, upon his arrival, Sana claimed to be suffering from a migraine and went to take a hot bath that lasted an hour. After this, she allegedly wanted to have hookah, for which she took Rhyan to the lobby to spend time with other celebrities. This ordeal took another two hours, during which Rhyan claims that he was in touch with Sadaf as well.

Upon heading back to her hotel room, Sana allegedly “threw a fit,” due to her being late for the red carpet. With Sadaf’s calls alerting Rhyan, Sana apparently confiscated Rhyan’s phone, and “put the hotel’s landline on hold” to ensure there was no contact from anyone.

Here, Rhyan states that he was “held hostage,” and Sana reportedly spent the rest of the time demeaning his skills, also placing blame for the process to have taken 8 hours upon the make-up artist. In all of this, Sadaf thought that Rhyan had bailed on her, and did her hair and make-up herself, which the make-up artist claims is what Sana wanted due to “insecurity.”

Durefishan Saleem shared Rhyan Thomas’ post, stating that “harassment is a big NO,” regardless of the gender of the instigator.

More Incidents Coming To Light

With more and more encounters coming forth with regards to this, various figures from the industry are speaking up. Model Fareeha Sheikh recently took to Instagram to compile a post about alleged misbehavior by Sana Javed.

According to Fareeha’s post, the unfortunate incident took place a few months ago at Mian Saad’s studio where multiple shoots can take place. Fareeha arrived first and got her make-up done on the day when Sana Javed had to shoot for a designer at a separate set.

According to Fareeha, Sana arrived three hours late, and upon seeing Fareeha in the room, “stormed out” and “threw a tantrum,” stating that she’s leaving due to another girl being present in the room. Sana reportedly stated that she would not come back till Fareeha was “kicked out,” upon which the designer Sana was shooting with “barged in and started screaming” at Fareeha, leaving her shell-shocked. This prompted the make-up artist and Saad to ask the designer to leave the space.

Fareeha makes it a point to end her account by stating that she hopes “Sana Javed learns that shit comes back to you one way or the other.”

Mahnoor Sheikh also weighed in on this, stating that Sana is “arrogant, disrespectful, [and] rude.” She, too, shared an incident where Sana allegedly did not want to sit in the same make-up room as her and two other models while shooting a TVC.

As of now, these have been the developments that have come to light. With numerous credible professionals falling in line to agree upon this matter, one does begin to wonder if this has been a vital reality check for the star in question.

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