All Billboard Locations in Need For Speed: Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound Billboard One of Eighty in Several Districts of Open World Map

A numerous collectible in Need for Speed: Unbound, there are eighty Billboards players can smash to earn the rare Adbusting trophy/achievement.

The vast open map of Need for Speed Unbound has a variety of hidden collectibles, including the large promotional Billboards that players may find throughout the various district locations they travel between. Crashing into these structures completes a collection goal for the player and grants a small amount of currency. Each Billboard unlocks on the map once players have completed the game’s prologue mission or instantly should they play online. Progress toward destroying these objects remains no matter if the player switches between the Online or Story modes available.


Overall, eighty Billboards are scattered around 21 Districts, indicated on the map by a pentagon-shaped symbol that hosts a silhouette of a billboard. Players will typically find a ramp that precedes a Billboard, encouraging a swift drive that launches them through the advertisement.

The “Adbuster” trophy/achievement unlocks when players destroy every Billboard, in addition to progress toward another reward that represents 100% completion of Need for Speed Unbound called “Cleaning Up.” Once a Billboard is destroyed, it will respawn eventually as a blank canvas with graffiti on both sides, letting players know if it has already been collected.

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Every Billboard Location Sorted By Districts in Need For Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound Drifting

Players should note that one area in Need for Speed Unbound, Duncan Bay, does not have any Billboards to find. Although there may be other items that count as collectibles in this section, such as Bears and Street Art, players do not need to linger in this part of the map when searching for Billboards. Proper calculation of angle and speed might also be necessary as players approach these Billboards, as their car’s performance in Need for Speed Unbound directly impacts their trajectory off the provided ramps into these placed landmarks. According to the Youtube channel MotoGamesTV, here are all the Billboards players can find in Need For Speed: Unbound:


Number of Billboards


Douglas Park


  1. At a busy intersection preceding the park, accessible from the back.
  2. Past a construction crane located on a bridge close to the eastern sea border.
  3. Next to the harbor along the east, directly on the highway.
  4. In the parking lot of a larger corporate building preceding the highway.
  5. Above a gap between the larger buildings seen downtown.

University Central


  1. Labeled “Speeding? There’s No Escape” and located in a construction zone before the water tower.
  2. Accessible from the roof of a parking garage close to downtown factories.
  3. Upon the train tracks that guide transit through downtown, a ramp close to the district’s center allows players to travel here with their car in Need for Speed Unbound.
  4. Toward the southwest edge of the district, above a gas station near some construction.
  5. Next to heavy construction seen by a massive crane over a tunneled section of the highway.

Cyrill Heights


  1. Seen in front of a nearly completed athletic stadium, whose bleachers may be used as a ramp to destroy the Billboard.

Rosehill Drive


  1. Just off the main road before a major intersection that leads into the district.

West Brooks


  1. Past the main storage area located in the fields just before reaching the main road again.
  2. Next to a brick building and locked in by fences that the player can destroy.

Apolonia District


  1. Under the train tracks toward an intersection that overlooks downtown.
  2. Through a small pedestrian walkway between two larger corporate glass buildings downtown.
  3. Above a tunnel toward the northern section of the district that players may reach by drifting in Need for Speed Unbound‘s city streets.

Underwood Gardens


  1. Atop an overlook from a four-way intersection whose nearby buildings have small trees in troughs preceding them.



  1. At a parking lot right next to the train tracks, players may access a ramp farther away than normal, closer to the northern section of this area.
  2. Under a massive yellow crane sits a ramp that leads to the train tracks, where another Billboard can be found.
  3. Next to a factory close to the western edge of this district.

North Oaks


  1. Off the main highway toward the ocean.
  2. Overseeing an intersection below two upper sections of the main highway.
  3. Across several unfinished bridges past heavy construction.
  4. Past fields below the main road, above a local diner.

Griffith Parklands


  1. On an easier-to-distinguish part of this racing title’s expansive map, beyond an unfinished building in a construction zone.
  2. Below a hill that players can access through a trail going through the Parklands.

Yams Park


  1. Under an electric tower’s power lines and past some solar panels.
  2. Right before a farm along the road, accessible past a trail near a group of pine trees.
  3. Close to windmills along the highway, next to some light construction.
  4. Near the red bridge that connects the district across the water.
  5. Before the main bridge, accessible through a path from the main park area.

Kennedy Drive


  1. On the mountains next to the main road.
  2. At a rest stop along the winding upward paths.
  3. As players travel south, they can spot this Billboard from a closed section of a dirt hill.
  4. Down the mountain, accessible by taking a beaten path that leads down to the next part of the highway.
  5. Toward the base of the map of this section, above an empty construction tube.
  6. Before a four-way intersection overseeing the electric towers and power lines.

Kennedy Test Track


  1. Next to the Test Track facility itself, players will have to travel to the above road to access an appropriate ramp.
  2. Past a forest route, off a cliff leading toward the bridge.
  3. Simply along the road at the edge of this district.

Dupoint View


  1. Near the main factory facility in the district, in between its two main buildings.
  2. Right past the water tower, accessible through a forest path.
  3. Next, the heavy construction along the highway, to the right of the large orange crane.
  4. Under an electric tower leading to the main road.
  5. Toward a closed-off section of road near a rocky part of the highway leading away from the district.
  6. Higher along the rocky part of the highway, close to the electric tower power lines.

Belmont Lake


  1. Past a trail marked with orange and white construction cylinders.
  2. Off a mountainous path overlooking a nearby gas station.

Seba Ski Resort


  1. Next to the main ski lifts.
  2. Before heavy construction, in between the two residential hotel buildings.
  3. In the middle of the district, above a three-way intersection of the main road.
  4. Past the middle section of the ski lifts and a nearby windmill.
  5. Along the mountainous portion of the main highway.
  6. Near the lodge found at the edge of this district.
  7. Across from a larger parking lot that sits near two larger, corporate-style buildings.
  8. Past a bridge that leads to another residential hotel for the Resort closer to the south.
  9. Directly within the route beyond a lumber mill along the road.

Lakeshore Quarry


  1. Along the road before a heavy construction area.
  2. Near a grain tower, accessible through a long metal ramp.
  3. Past a park ranger’s tower beyond a forest trail barred by orange cones and fences.
  4. To the south of the district, before the highway leads to route 47.
  5. Next to the large white dome at a four-way intersection.
  6. Right before the large Quarry factory, it is indicated by a large yellow crane.

Jefferson Hills


  1. After a large dirt mound atop one of the higher Hills.
  2. Along the main road, near a smaller factory.
  3. Near an electric tower past the main highway.
  4. Before the emergency alert tower close to the “Saver Subs” advertisement board.
  5. Directly under the same alert tower.
  6. Toward an electric tower close to the bridge whose exit underneath leads to route 88.

Lake Virgil


  1. Close to another electric tower, above a bridge that connects to the main road.
  2. Simply found by following the upper part of the highway.
  3. Near an “Azbo” advertisement that can be seen along the highway.



  1. Overseeing the primary factory that dominates this district.
  2. Within the factory, right under the long yellow conveyer belt that connects along the facility.
  3. Under the white and blue sections of the large factory building, on the upper sections of the road.
  4. Just beyond the smokestacks also seen along the yellow belt.
  5. Toward the rear of the factory’s main building.

Southland Drive


  1. Right before the red bridge leading across the water.
  2. On the other side of the aforementioned bridge, close to a white building and accessible next to a fenced path along the rocky regions past the road.

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