Akshay Kumar took a big step for Shahrukh Khan's son Aryan Khan's bail

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Akshay Kumar took a big step for Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s bail.


40 thoughts on “Akshay Kumar took a large step for Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s bail”
  1. By seeing Akshay's support to SKS son it sounds like whole Bollywood is plant on this drug business in to s black money to and such he crap publicity .

  2. Sound like media is portraying Aryan as hero he himself agreed he is taking drugs since 4 years Shahrukh also gave speech that he will look after his son and will not allover him to go to partying and so and Aryan said he will look after poor people is all this drama I think all this was drama to longer his son because Aryan didn't do great job and from his look I don't think he was in shell and was not eating 26 days people living in filthy atmosphere and not eating drinking when he will release how he will look? I am now raising question against intigirty of police and CBI too that it sounds like drama foiled by pice media and Bollywood to me Ake Aryan super hero in public eyes so that he can become famous and with that They promote Annanya as both are comming in pair I and ii adhemed that is indian people's re so naive that they can't understand all pitics to longer his son may be it is true Shahrukh has given money to keep in jail with VIp treatment so that it can be portrayed to people he is in jail but behind the door he my at be living somewhere else I understand on the first day only this is the game of money power a politics and possession they played with innocent people's sentiment they think oh now indiawill change coruption wi go away and they will get justice but my public stop dreaming Indian politics is ruled. Y only mafias and criminals all this seating MLA ii s pupoebt of their hand and this mafia will go on changing scenario by changing one government to another Congress has robed the country enough and when opposite air started to flow and their kaubhands started to come out they change air and bjp come in existence and they won people's heart as an alternative government but they are also so far remain unsuccessful in combating corruption according to my regular follow-up of news I came to conclusion no one is clean in this world of pokit in c's in this kalayouga to get honest people is extremely difficult and if we get will not stay on throne for long time as thses mafia will remove them by hook or crook money power speaks and they had robed the country and make extreamly poor and now they are doing all their dramas to come back to power people's body lenguagespeaks more than actuall words they speak
    I remember one dialougefrom movie sholley
    "Tera Kya hogs Kalia,"?remember ? Today I ask people of India Tera Kya hoga Bharat Mata Yanga to EK se bash kar EK ghaddaro Ki found Lavi hui Hai

  3. साले कमीने पार्टीयां भी जहाज़ों में करोड़ों रुपए की करते हैं और हम गरीबों के पास तीन वक्त कि रोटी भी बहुत मेहनत मजदूरी कर के बड़ी मुश्किल से मिलती है बेड़ागरक हो इन हराम के पैसे वालों का सर्वनाश हो जाये इन पापीयों का सालों कोई अंधमहाआश्रम बनवा दो कोई कोढ़ आश्रम में दान कर दो जनता तुम कमीनों की फिल्म देखती है तब साले कमीनों तुम पैसा कमाते हो पर वो हराम का पैसा इतना भारी इकट्ठा हो जाता है कि तुम अपनी औलाद को भी नशें और अय्याशी मे लगा देते हो और नशा भी इतना महंगा राम राम राम राम जीसमे गरीब आदमी की सारी उम्र अच्छे से निकल जाये सालों दुबारा गरीब और अनाथ हो जाओगे

  4. साले ये बड़े बड़े पैसे वाले अमीर आदमी खूब अय्याशी और खूब महंगें महंगे नशे करते हैं और कमाओ हराम का पैसा सालों हराम कि मौत मरोगे ये पैसा पूरे देश के गरीबों का पैसा है सालों गरीबों में दान करो अनाथों में दान करो पर नहीं सालों को लड़कियां चाहिए खूब महंगें महंगे नशे करने हैं खूब महंगी महंगी शराब पिनी है साले हरामीयों हराम की मौत मरो गे हम गरीबों का श्राप है

  5. अक्षय थोड़ा समझाओ , वर्ना तुम तो ऐसे जाओगे कि मालूम भी नहीं पड़ेगा की वापस चांदनी चौक में आ गए हो।

  6. Aree Akshay ka beta bhi drugs leta hai esliye pol naa khule toh support toh karegaa hi you bluddy looser bollywood

  7. What happened to Aryan Khan is, pure injustice. He should be released the first day itself. NCB should concentrate on real drug dealers. God bless and protect Aryan Khan. 🙏

  8. Ye kya bat huye isko 6oad kyu ki vo koy filmstar ka beta he is leye agar filmstar isko badava kyu de rahe he samaj nahi ata 6ote insan bhi insan he unke bare me ap loag kbhi nahi bolte agar usne ye kam kiya he to usko bilkual saja milni cheye

  9. Terah bcaa ko dekho zara smjo ke tereh ghar mein bhi hoga एशि दोस्ती में देर नहि लगती क्या किसी को पता था ये होगा

  10. Arjun usne khud ka bura hai 4 Sal se truck le raha hun Twinkle Khanna ke kya kahan Mein Kuchh gaya hai ganne ki site Le rahi hai

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