After "Sulli Offers", Muslim Ladies "Auctioned" On App "Bulli Bai"; FIR Filed Following Outrage


After "Sulli Deals", Muslim Women "Auctioned" On App "Bulli Bai"; FIR Filed Following Outrage


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We all entered New Year 2022 on Saturday. Many stepped into this year hoping to leave behind the worst and looking forward to the best. But while, many of us were busy doing that, some muslim women in India did not have that luxury. For them the worst came back to haunt them on the first day of the new year. Hundreds of muslim women woke up to their photos being flashed on a GitHub app called Bulli Bai in an online auction. These photos were taken from their social media accounts without their consent and used on the app. The app listed several muslim women, most of them active and vocal on social media platforms, as the ‘Bulli Bai of the day.’ #SulliDeals #BulliBai #MuslimWomen

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24 thoughts on “After "Sulli Offers", Muslim Ladies "Auctioned" On App "Bulli Bai"; FIR Filed Following Outrage

  1. In Pakistan Hindu girls are abducted,converted to Islam and married off to older muslim men. Such atrocities happen frequently in
    Pakistan. Why do Owaisi chose to keep mum on these brutalities?

  2. It's obnoxious that such outrageous things get done, caring least Cyber Laws. Mere blocking such sites don't deter the perpetrators. They will show up from another way.
    Of late, some care nothing for the Law.

  3. Why should they be named and shamed? This is not the job of media. Particularly, in a country like India, often innocent people are used as scapegoat, what's the point in shaming?

  4. This is unacceptable…and what exactly is required is to throw out this Govt immediately who are supporting this Goons.. . And Girls from any religion should nt vote for this Govt.🤬🤬🤬🤬

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