Accused killer in deadly break-in had directions to victim’s home, notes about bunker

The man accused of shooting and killing a 32-year-old woman while breaking into the home of a former Kentucky lawmaker had written notes about finding a bunker and recorded features of the victim’s residence prior to the deadly altercation, according to a search warrant.

Police applied for a warrant to search Shannon V. Gilday’s apartment in northern Kentucky the day after after a deadly shooting unfolded at the home of C. Wesley Morgan, a former lawmaker and retired businessman who has a multimillon-dollar home in Madison County with a fully-stocked bunker underneath. The shooting resulted in Jordan Morgan’s death.

Gilday has been arrested and charged with murder, assault, attempted murder and other offenses.

According to a search warrant obtained Thursday by the Herald-Leader, a friend of Gilday contacted Kentucky State Police the evening of Jordan Morgan’s death and said he found documents inside Gilday’s apartment connecting him to the scene of the crime.

The friend found directions from Cincinnati to C. Wesley Morgan’s residence on Willis Branch Road. The friend also found notes about Gilday’s search for a bunker, the bunker under the Morgans’ home and the family’s sleep schedules.

Gilday also wrote down details about the home, such as the layout, cameras and potential access points, according to the search warrant.

“Gilday also wrote that he has attempted to gain access to the bunker but has not been able to,” a Taylor Mill police officer wrote in an affidavit for a search warrant.

The friend told state police Gilday had a history of psychotic problems and that he had been looking at homes with bunkers in southern Kentucky, according to the search warrant. The friend also told state police Gilday had recently been dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Army.

The friend told police that Gilday had a distinct walk, which lined up with C. Wesley Morgan’s testimony that the shooter in his home had an odd walk, according to the search warrant.

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The friend also told state police Gilday owned an AR style rifle, which was consistent with the victims’ account and shell casings found at the scene, according to the search warrant.

Gilday’s mother called police on Feb. 23 to report him missing. She told police she hadn’t seen him since the night of Feb. 21, just hours before the shooting happened in the early morning hours on Feb. 22, according to the search warrant. Officers were given directions to C. Wesley’s Morgan’s home during their missing persons investigation at Gilday’s apartment.

Officer James Mills with the Taylor Mill Police Department swore out an affidavit seeking the warrant a little before 1 p.m. on Feb. 23.

It sought to search for any evidence of a shooting, including guns and ammunition; any evidence of a plan to commit a burglary, home invasion or robbery; any electronics capable of accessing the internet; journal; and documents on real estate or properties.

Police executed the warrant just before 3 p.m.

The returned warrant shows that officers took a number of items from Gilday’s apartment, including documents; a shotgun and shells; ammunition containers; two laptops, a Kindle and six cell phones; photo identification badges; and goggles.

Gilday made his first court appearance Wednesday for an arraignment and entered into a not guilty plea set by judge Charles Hardin. Gilday is being held at the Madison County Detention Center without bond and is due back in court next Wednesday for a preliminary hearing, according to court records.

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