A New ComingSoon Is Coming Soon

I wanted to let all of our readers know that on Tuesday, December 6, no posts will be going live on ComingSoon. No, we’re not taking a well-deserved break, we’ll be unable to post due to a redesign being deployed. This is a very exciting time for the site that will be much more than a visual refresh as it’ll provide a much better user experience for readers as well as our editors and writers.

Most excitingly, the site will be far more optimized for the modern web experience. Readers can expect quicker load times, an interface that is easier to read, and a better ad layout that won’t be intrusive. On top of this, there’ll be plenty of small tweaks, such as improved slideshows and galleries, among other functionality that will allow us to provide better-looking articles that continue to inform and entertain.

It’s only natural for there to be some skepticism when a change is applied, but a lot of work has gone into the redesign and I think everyone will ultimately be pleased as it really is a much better user experience, which was my number one priority throughout the process. The site will look and function better than ever before and will only get better with time as additional functionality continues to be added thanks to feedback from our team and valued readers.

So, I hope you will excuse the temporary absence as our team behind-the-scenes works diligently on getting the site launched and soon you’ll be reading this on a snazzy new site instead. As always, I greatly appreciate any and all readership. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback once the site is live. I can be found on Twitter @TylerTreese or can be contacted via email.

Thanks for sticking with us and we look forward to continuing serving you all the entertainment news and features you crave,

Tyler Treese
Editor-in-Chief, ComingSoon

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