9 Upcoming Dramas We're Extremely Excited For

Well, well, well. It seems to be raining content, with teasers dropping left, right, and center. With a bunch of upcoming dramas lined up to hit our screens, here are some that we’re looking forward to watching.

Mor Maharan

The highly anticipated TV One project that stars Sonya Hussyn and Zahid Ahmed, with Owais Khan as its director, and Ali Moeen as its writer, is set to air in 2022, with a few promos making the rounds. While the project has faced a few hiccups with regards to its release, the promising lead duo have already made this an enticing watch.


Abdullah Qureshi and Asad Siddiqui’s Dilawaiz, a 7th Sky Entertainment production for Geo TV, is set to showcase soon, with Kinza Hashmi and Affan Waheed as its lead pair. The first look of the show has captivated respective fans of the duo, and it’ll be interesting to see how the plot pans out.

Dekh Tamasha E Roshni

The Ahsan Khan and Hiba Bukhari starrer has already piqued the interest of viewers, who are not only looking forward to seeing how the new pair fares, but are also hooked by the stunning visuals and direction. The 7th Sky Entertainment project also stars Shehzad Sheikh, and Ali Faizan will be handling the directorial helm. One can assume that much like the other upcoming projects, this will be one to keep an eye out for.

Mega PTV Project (Title To Be Announced)

A project so secretive that even the title remains yet to be announced, this aesthetically grand project by PTV is to hit the screens soon. Intrigue and mystery aside, this mega project has been directed by Abdullah Badini, written by Ali Moeen, and has been produced by Zeeshan Ahmed. Powerful performances in the teaser are already captivating many, creating a buzz for when the drama actually airs.

Kesi Teri Khudgarzi

ARY Digital’s upcoming drama seems to be an intriguing watch, with Raidan Shah and Ahmed Bhatti as the writer and director, respectively. With a stellar cast that includes the likes of Naumaan Ijaz, Danish Taimoor, Durefishan Saleem, Atiqa Odho, Shahood Alvi, Zainab Qayyum, Adnan Shah Tipu, and Hammad Shoaib, the Abdullah Seja and IDream Entertainment project has begun teasing viewers with motion posters and promos.


The power-packed Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan, and Mikaal Zulfiqar starrer is perhaps ARY Digital’s most anticipated and stunning project, directed by Saqib Khan, and written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah. With the teasers alone packing a promising punch, watching this is surely going to be a treat.

Pyaar Deewangi Hai

The upcoming Big Bang Entertainment project stars Neelum Muneer and Sami Khan, offering a narrative that revolves around jealousy and love. Written by Misbah Ali Syed and directed by Aabis Raza, this tale will surely have people talking once it hits the screens.

Saaya Season 2

Geo Entertainment’s thriller, that focuses on the “suspenseful return of tragic occurrences” in Sualeha’s family’s life, has Wajiha Saher writing the project, with Sami Sani grasping the directorial reigns. The cast consists of names like Sohail Sameer, Maham Aamir, Mashal Khan, Momina Iqbal, Danial Afzal, Naveed Raza, Saleem Mairaj, Asim Mehmood, Hammad Shoaib, and many more. With teasers out, we’ve got our eyes peeled for this one for sure.


Written by Imran Nazir, directed by Adnan Wai Qureshi, and produced by Moomal Entertainment, this HUM TV project is all set to narrate a gripping and thrilling tale, with a promising cast tha consists of Savera Nadeem, Kinza Hashmi, Zaviyar Naumaan Ijaz, Babar Ali, Shamim Hilali, Tara Mehmood, Adnan Samad Khan, Hurriya Mansoor, and others.

With such a long list of upcoming dramas, there is definitely room for celebration in terms of content. Which of these upcoming dramas are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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