9 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Class 1-A As A Group

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Everyone’s favorite class of amazing students and their phenomenal teachers are back to prove they’re worthy heroes in season 6 of My Hero Academia, fighting to keep the unique world of the show safe from the villains that plague it.

Class 1-A may have some of the unluckiest, turmoil-surrounded students to ever attend U.A. High School, but that won’t stop them from doing their absolute best (or the fandom from making memes out of their pure suffering). As Deku and friends put their lives on the line without hesitation and worry their fans with each episode, there’s nothing like a good meme to help ease the tension that comes with getting into the show.


Unphased Aizawa

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Despite being protected by My Hero Academia’s best Pro Heroes, Class 1-A can never catch a break, getting tracked down and terrorized by villains every which way. Even when Aizawa tried to send them away on a relaxing vacation after all their hard work, the students were unable to evade their foes.

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Each time the class is ambushed by The League of Villains and end up in a dire situation, Aizawa seems less phased than the time before. At this point, it wouldn’t be farfetched at all for the teacher to expect his class to be attacked by villains again and again, having no real way of stopping their onslaught to protect his students.

The Duality Of Class 1A

If there’s one thing My Hero Academia viewers know about Class 1-A, it’s that each student has a distinct personality and talent, especially when it comes to their quirks. While Ida and Momo are more of the serious scholar types, others like Denki are pure goofballs, and the fandom loves them for it.

It’s all fun and games to make fun of Denki’s quirk for making him stupid when used too much, until an enemy is zapped by his Indiscriminate Shock, with 2 million volts surging through their body mercilessly.

Class 1A Be Like

Possibly the most common jokes among My Hero Academia fans might just be calling Todoroki the Avatar the Last Airbender character, Zuko, since they both wield fire, have abusive fathers, and burn scars on one side of their faces.

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On the other hand, Mineta is compared to a vine of grapes (physically and power-wise), while Jirou often called a big aux cord. Poking fun at the young heroes, regardless of their bravery, is sometimes necessary to destress from the nonstop mayhem of the shonen anime.

Zoom Class Scenario

No matter who a fan’s favorite character is, all fans can agree that a Zoom meeting between the students of Class 1-A would be absolute chaos. From Bakugou yelling at Deku for simply breathing too loud while Aizawa tries to teach, to Monoma interfering to insult the entire class, it would certainly be entertaining to watch unfold.

The only two students who may try to negate the madness of everyone interacting at once are practically destined to be Momo and Ida, though there’s no guarantee they would actually be able to control their classmates.

Stubborn Deku And Kirishima

Whether fans ship Deku or Kirishima with Bakugou, which are rated as some of the most popular My Hero Academia ships, the episode where the two team up to save their favorite problematic hero is one of the best displays of their care.

Just like Deku helped save Bakugou during episode one, Kirishima protected him during the events of Heroes Rising, and actually got a “thank you” out of the explosive boy as well. By disobeying their teacher’s wishes, the group proved that they were capable of conducting a successful rescue mission, while also saving their friend.

Monoma’s Class 1A Hate Obsession

Ever since fans were introduced to Monoma and his Class 1-A hating tendencies during season 2’s Tournament arc, he has become a staple of many memes, as well as a strange mix of a love-hate fan-favorite.

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Monoma breaking into the dorms to roast his self-proclaimed rivals is surprisingly realistic, given the envy he feels from them being put in the spotlight, even though Class 1-B has quite a few impressively powerful heroes themselves. If only Monoma could know how highly the fandom speaks of his class, sometimes going as far as preferring them over Class 1-A.

Bakugou Bullying Deku

As early as the very first episode of My Hero Academia, Bakugou has been getting on Deku’s case for simply being present, and bullying others to make himself feel bigger. Knowing of the horrible things he has said to people, it’s no wonder why Shigaraki tried to recruit him into the League of Villains.

This meme perfectly sums up Bakugou as a character, specifically early on, and he would likely admit to that. Luckily, the prickly dynamite guy continues to go through character development that has definitely improved him as a person, though he will never stop being his overconfident and rude self.

Mineta Removal

Likely one of the weakest heroes in shonen anime and of Class 1-A, Mineta is disliked by a big majority of fans, but it’s not entirely due to his lackluster Pop Off quirk of sticky spheres that grow from his head.

The hero’s sought behavior, whether it be trying to sneak a peek at the girls while they aren’t decent or making inappropriate comments about their bust size, causes him to be insufferable to others around him and fans alike. That being said, some fans do enjoy his comedic relief, and there are certainly times when his quirk came in handy.

GTA V Class 1-A

Watching every member of Class 1-A play Grand Theft Auto V would be a wholly entertaining sight to behold. While the goody-two-shoes character try their very best to respect laws during their playthroughs, characters like Bakugou would unquestionably take out their frustrations on NPCs as much as possible.

It’s increasingly ironic for these amazing heroes to play a game that so actively encourages them to break the law, going against everything they were taught. Likewise, it’s the fun change of pace would be a nice refresher from the critical and responsible events of the anime’s world.

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