6 Things We'd Love To See In Suno Chanda Season 3

It came, we saw, and it conquered. There was absolutely no pre-release hype about the show, no over-the-top promotions or anything. Suno Chanda won hearts, totally on merit. The drama, right from its cast to its story, direction, production, and execution was just superb. A massive hit, Suno Chanda became one of the most viewed dramas, not only as HUM TV’s Ramzan special, but also in general.

The love the audience had for the Iqra Aziz, Farhan Saeed starrer, and its special characters, had the makers, the writer, the director, and the producers team up for season 2, which again proved to be another hit. It rarely happens that a sequel to a beloved show lives up to the expectations the audience has, but with Suno Chanda, not only were the expectations met, they were multiplied tenfold for season 3.

Ever since last year, writer, Saima Akram Chaudhry, has been bombarded with questions from the audience about renewing Suno Chanda for season 3, to which she somewhat agreed as well in a social media post, but had to pull back her decision owing to a lot of unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.

Nevertheless, if there is a Suno Chanda season 3, shot, ever, we bring you a list of five things we’d love to see in it.

More Jiya-Arsal Banter

Suno Chanda will be incomplete or missing its essence if it doesn’t have a good dose of Ajiya and Arsal’s banter. Iqra Aziz’s Jiya and Farhan Saeed’s Arsal are the backbone of Suno Chanda and if it isn’t in the season – well, we’re not having it.

Baby Arsal Perhaps?

Now that Jiya and Arsal are happily married, maybe we could see Iqra Aziz making son Kabir Hussain debut on television as Jiya’s baby? Wouldn’t it be a sight to see such a cute mother-son duo on-screen? And with Shahana as his grandmother, we’d love to see how the story will progress if this plot thickens.

Arsal’s Ama

Of course, any season of Suno Chanda will not hit the right chords if it doesn’t have Nadia Afghan as Shahana Batool aka Arsal’s ama. Afghan’s character was not only the catchiest of the entire show, but the most naturally hilarious character we have ever seen on television.

Jiya’s Life In The UK

While Jiya and Arsal’s whole scenario was based on the narrative of her getting into the London School of Economics, we’d like to see how it pans out if a part of their life is shot in the UK as well. It has been quite some time that a good Pakistani drama has been shot abroad, and it would be fun to see how Jiya and Arsal navigate their life in London.

A Family Visit

How about this – the entire family gets to visit the couple for Jiya’s graduation. Picture it: Shahana, Naeema, Nazakat, Billo, Jamshed, Dadi, DJ – all in a plane together to the UK. A hilarious flight and a promising premise, no?

More For Mithu And Maina

We’d also like to see how life treats Mithu and Maina in Suno Chanda season 3. Both Sabeen Farooq and Raza Talish brought adorable characters to screen in season 2 and if Jiya and Arsal’s life is progressing, we’d also like to see what Mithu and Maina are up to as well.

With this, we conclude our wishlist for Suno Chanda season 3. Although it does seem highly unlikely, but if it were to ever happen – oh what a delight it would be to see and experience the gorgeous story once again! And yes, the OST. We’d love another new original sound track by Farhan, please!

What’s your take on this? What would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

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