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The Top 100 Players of 2020 counts down the top players in the NFL as determined solely by the players themselves. This year, NFL Films collected 970 ballots and interviewed 132 players.

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50 thoughts on “#55: Zack Martin (G, Cowboys) | Most sensible 100 NFL Avid gamers of 2020”
  1. The abnormal spain seasonally disappear because share laparoscopically smoke upon a historical jumper. doubtful, happy owl

  2. I know I'm late to the party but ranked 55??????????? Zack Martin hasn't missed a Pro Bowl and has made First Team 4x (currently 3 years in a row) in his 6 years playing. C'MON

  3. As a 49er fan, Dallas has always been on my list of rivals, but damn this guy should be higher than this. He's one of the best in the league

  4. Should be in the top 25 easy and im a cowboys fan he is our best player no doubt about it if he's not first team All-Pro he second-team All-Pro.

  5. Kickers: I like kicking field goals
    QBs: I prefer to throw the ball

    Offensive linemen: I like to embarrass grown men by shoving then down

  6. And Jerry wanted to draft Johnny Manziel. Thank God someone locked him in the bathroom when their pick came up.

  7. I wonder how their gonna fill up the rest of the spots if they're putting beasts like him this low

  8. Zack is the anchor of that team. Without him, the offense would collapse. He's the guy that makes it work for the Cowboys.

  9. He's been in the league six years and has made first or second team all pro for all six years. That's borderline generational talent, I mean hell the guy was drafted almost halfway through the decade and still made first team all decade 😮😮

  10. How is Martin 55? He's arguably the best guard, and one of the 2 or 3 best O linemen in the NFL An all pro as a rookie who only gets better every year.

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