5 Endings That Fans Reject (& 6 That Were In Character)

A split image features Asami and Korra alongside Mako as well as Varrick and Zhu Li

After Avatar: The Last Airbender gave audiences the typical hero’s journey, not everyone was expecting the new take on that structure in Legend of Korra. Korra was never meant to be a replica of the peaceful monk Aang so when their stories ended differently, with Korra’s friends all on their own paths rather than together, it took some people by surprise while others completely expected it.

When Team Avatar battled a new “big bad” every season, it was bound to happen that there would be some endings for heroes, villains, or side characters that weren’t perfect. Some, however, ended their story perfectly in character.


Endings Avatar: Legend Of Korra Fans Reject

Prince Wu Disbanding The Earth Kingdom Hierarchy

Prince Wu giving a speech in Avatar Legend Of Korra

Prince Wu’s minor stint on the show could have been just that but instead, he had a rather large and expedited leap in character development. When fans first met him he was a pampered, ignorant, and complacent young prince. This is why when he suddenly understood the ramifications the Earth Kingdom hierarchy was having, he disbanded it.

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This was an ending rejected by fans simply for the way it came about so quickly and was none of the main characters’ doing. Korra didn’t talk to him about the implementation of democracy, which is usually the type of thing the Avatar would try to help people with, he just spent some time with Mako and that was enough. It’s a good ending for the Earth Kingdom and Wu but was not well-received about the storyline.

Varrick & Zhu Li’s Wedding

Zhu Li and Varrick kissing at their wedding in Avatar Legend Of Korra

Zhu Li was Varrick’s assistant until their declaration of love in Season 4. Varrick had been through the wringer when it came to character development going from greedy and innovative to a kind and helpful innovator. Unfortunately, that same drive for constantly upgrading society is also what put him in a dangerous situation with Kuvira.

When he denied her request to build a weapon, he left Kuvira’s clutches with Bolin and realized he didn’t want to thrive off of things like war anymore. Zhu Li realized the same thing on a separate occasion and ended up back on a team with Varrick. While their character arcs make sense, their marriage came out of left field and felt like a weird placeholder to make their story feel complete even when it wasn’t.

Leaving The Spirit World Open

Harmonic Convergence in Avatar Legend Of Korra

It is acknowledged among fans and in the Avatar universe that the portals to the Spirit and physical worlds were not meant to be open and shared until humans found peace and understanding. It was also seen in the first Avatar, Wan’s, story that the closure between the worlds was meant to keep Vaatu extra secure so that in the next 10,000 years when Harmonic Convergence reoccurs, he could escape since the portals were left open.

Not only did it wreak havoc on Republic City because none of them had ever had to understand or interact with spirits, but it also wasn’t a game-changer for spirits since they had been finding ways in and out of both worlds anyway. Korra wanted them to figure out how to get along when both worlds hadn’t figured out how to get along with their own kind yet.

The End Of Legend Of Korra Season 1

Amon and Tarrlok.

Since The Legend of Korra was supposed to be one season, fans believed it was likely that it would be a one-and-done battle with a specific villain and Amon was an incredible villain to choose. But when the show was given more seasons, fans thought the ending battle between Korra and Amon would be one for the books.

Fans reject the ending of Season 1 for the less-than-satisfying battle and that it seemed to be the tidiest ending possible rather than presenting a new mess like in most TV shows.

Original Team Avatar

A split image features older Toph, Zuko, and Katara in Avatar Legend Of Korra

The most obvious disappointment to fans was that Katara acted as if everyone she knew was gone for good when in reality Toph and Zuko were still very much around. But the rejection continued when it came to the portrayal of Aang as an adult and how he favored Tenzin over his other children and was sometimes no fun.

Many fans didn’t understand how Top could become a law enforcement officer either. Additionally, characters like Sokka and Suki got no recognition throughout the series.

Endings Avatar: Legend Of Korra That Were Perfectly In Character

Iroh Embraces The Spirit World

Iroh and Korra attend a tea party in the Spirit World in Avatar Legend Of Korra

While Avatar: The Last Airbender featured Aang speaking with past Avatars and embracing his spirituality, it didn’t venture into the actual Spirit World in the same way that Avatar: Legend Of Korra did. Legend Of Korra provided a much better picture of just what the Spirit World was like for the audience. On some of Korra’s trips to the Spirit World, the audience got to revisit a character from The Last Airbender: Zuko’s Uncle Iroh.

Iroh still seemed like himself, and ready to dispense words of wisdom to anyone who would listen. While the audience didn’t find out just how Iroh left the land of the living, seeing him enjoying tea and the afterlife as if he hadn’t missed a step was the perfect end for his character.

Kuvira’s Fate

Kuvira giving a speech in Avatar Legend Of Korra

Amongst fans, Kuvira’s villainous motivations were actually the most admirable of the villains in LOK. But she still did horrible things like withholding resources from the citizens she claimed she was there to stand up for, slave labor, and attacking Republic City in a giant mecha suit.

Fans supported that she ended properly by accepting her fate of prison and how she went about her goals all of the wrong ways. She likely wouldn’t have done so without the reflection she had to face with Korra in the Spirit World but regardless she came full circle learning from her mistakes and being brought to justice.

Jinora’s Masterhood

A split image features Jinora in and out of a hood in Avatar Legend Of Korra

Jinora had been open-minded, excited, honest, brave, and a wonderful leader throughout the whole series. So when she confronted her dad about getting her Master Airbender tattoos it all culminated in her newfound confidence in how skilled she truly was.

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In season 3, Tenzin finally anointed her with her tattoos and the “Master” title. It was perfectly fitting for both his development as a father and Airbending teacher and Jinora’s development overall as a character.

Losing Past Avatar Lives

The previous Avatars before Korra with Aang and Kyoshi at the front in Avatar Legend Of Korra

Fans don’t seem particularly bothered by the fact that Korra lost the connection to her past Avatar lives when Raava was momentarily destroyed, but they are concerned with whether she or the lineage after her will ever get that connection back.

Losing the Avatr connection is in character because Aang also experienced momentary loss; Korra’s situation was just different since it was based on the battle between Raava and Vaatu. Being disconnected allowed Korra to truly reflect on the ability to learn from the Avatar State and her own spirit rather than who she thought she was supposed to be because she’s the Avatar. This makes fans believe that with her newfound sense of self and power, she or someone in the future will be able to restore the past lives or accept that they are creating a new cycle of Avatars.

Mako’s Last Stand

Mako using electricity in Avatar Legend Of Korra

In the finale episode, Mako’s culmination of being the tough guy solidifies his understanding of the meaning of everything Team Avatar and others have done leading up to this point. He ventures into the engine room of the giant mecha with Bolin and when Bolin gets out, he stays to redirect lightning to tear it down from the inside.

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Fans received his attempted sacrifice well because he was doing something he was good at, bending and protecting those he cared about. Some fans were disappointed that it wasn’t an actual sacrifice but most were just happy he was still “awesome,” just like Bolin said.


Korra and Asami sitting together in Avatar The Legend Of Korra

While Korra and Asami’s separate relationships with Mako were sometimes points of contention throughout the show, the girls never held a grudge against each other and allowed their shared understanding of Mako to bring them closer. The evidence of Korra and Asami falling in love began to pile up through Seasons 3 and 4.

Fans that finally got to see a canonically LGBTQ+ relationship in a universe with such a big following truly shared their excitement for Korrasami and what would happen with them next. For those still curious, their story continues in the Turf Wars comics.

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