47 Meters Down: The Twist Ending Explained

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The 47 Meters Down ending explained how the main characters were able to miraculously escape their predicament with a dark last-minute twist. The movie follows two sisters, Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt), stranded in a cage at the bottom of the ocean floor surrounded by hungry sharks. Right until its ending, the film is a taut, suspenseful thriller, and also features a number of great jump scares. The movie was prematurely released straight to DVD under the alternate title In The Deep by the original distributor; while these discs were quickly recalled, copies of the movie under this other title have become collector’s items.

The project was directed by Johannes Roberts and is notable for a surprise twist that reframes the ending. In some of 47 Meters Down’s final scenes, Lisa finds herself alone in the cage after Kate is seemingly killed by a shark. Lisa’s leg is pinned and she’s breathing air from a new oxygen tank that Kate retrieved for her. When she hears Kate’s voice over the radio, she summons the strength to free herself and find her wounded sister. With no other choice, the two sisters have to swim all the way back to the boat. However, the 47 Meters Down final scene that audiences are initially shown isn’t as it seems.

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47 Meters Down Ending Explained

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A brief moment before the 47 Meters Down ending explained the unexpected reveal. Captain Taylor, (Matthew Modine) had previously informed the sisters that if they swam up to the surface, they needed to stop for five minutes halfway to avoid the bends. During this nail-biting escape sequence at 47 Meters Down’s end, Lisa lights flares to ward off the prowling sharks. The sisters eventually reach the surface and race to the boat, only for Lisa to get bitten and dragged down by a shark. In a moment that seems rather unrealistic (though, in general, the depictions of 47 Meters Down’s diving and sharks are totally inaccurate), Lisa scratches out the creature’s eye and is pulled onto the boat. The wounded sisters are being treated when Lisa notices the wound on her hand – which she cut in the cage – is bleeding into the air.

It turns out Lisa had been hallucinating this entire escape and is still pinned to the bottom of the cage. Previously, Taylor had warned that switching tanks increased the danger of “nitrogen narcosis,” which led to Lisa’s vivid hallucination of saving Kate. Lisa is eventually saved by divers and is taken back to the boat, and comes to accept her sister was killed by the shark. Johannes Roberts had considered an even bleaker ending for 47 Meters Down where Lisa was left to die, but he realized the movie needed some hope. The director also returned for the 2019 sequel to the original: the poorly reviewed 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, which follows an entirely new cast of characters.

Is 47 Meters Down Based on a True Story?

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The impact of the 47 Meters Down ending explained why some fans wonder if it is based on a true story. After all, the basic premise of a diving excursion gone awry due to faulty equipment and overly trusting tourists looking to have a good time doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. However, though the plot may very well be loosely based on similar stories when it comes to the specific story of Lisa and Kate fighting for their lives in Mexico’s waters, the project isn’t actually based on any true survival stories. Of course, even so (as previously mentioned and as many online sources have already noted since the film’s release) sizeable chunks of 47 Meters Down are quite unrealistic. Naturally, these inaccuracies only further separate the plot from the concept of a true story.

But Johannes Roberts addressed these elements in a 2019 interview (via: Bloody Disgusting) where he himself called the two 47 Meters Down movies “preposterous.” He went on to emphasize the importance of suspending one’s disbelief while watching films, and pointed out “[i]f you went down 47 meters in a cage to the bottom of the ocean, with a tank, and you were an inexperienced diver, you would probably last about three minutes before you died or ran out of air. So yeah, sure, it is ridiculous. […] But it is a movie, you know?

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The 47 Meters Down Ending Mirrors A Classic Of Modern Horror

A character and a creature/crawler in The Descent

The 47 Meters Down ending explained the reasoning behind its final twist in a way that draws parallels between the film’s ending and the ending of The Descent, another dark horror movie about survival. It follows a group of women trapped in a cave and hunted by flesh-eating creatures. In the end, Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) seems to be the only survivor who makes it out of the cave. However, while escaping in her car, she suddenly wakes up from her hallucinations as she finds she is still in the cave with the creatures closing in on her.

The ending proved too bleak for American test audiences, so it was changed to one in which Sarah survives the ordeal, though she is clearly traumatized by it. Like 47 Meters Down‘s ending, the original ending to The Descent leaves audiences with a brutal gut punch. It is not an ending that’s designed to sit well with everyone as it’s somewhat cruel to suggest an ending where everything works out for Sarah only to take it away. However, sometimes such brutal endings can be more memorable than the safe and victorious endings usually seen in Hollywood movies.

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