10 Video Games Redditors Think Are Worth Every Penny

The cover art for Borderlands 2, featuring several of the game

Redditors are more than happy to share their thoughts on what video games they believe are worth every penny. Video games are always a blast for everyone to play, but the high costs of many of the best titles available may turn some people away from them some games are just worth the cost in the eyes of fans.

For many, a game’s story, mechanics, and characters are so great that they would pay any price for it. If the game is on sale, it makes it even more worth it, especially for game compilations like Halo: The Master Chief Collectionand Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Whether it be action-filled games with great storylines or simple games with low stakes, these games are the ones that many fans think are worth their costs.

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10 Terraria

A title card for Terraria featuring the game's title and several of the characters.

Even games that are cheap can be more than worth the cost, as is the case of Terraria, which costs far less than the average high-quality video game. Solution_Legal points out the reason why this game is worth it, saying that it has “Absolutely addicting gameplay and so many items, bosses, and building materials.”

The key for this game is just how much freedom players have. With lots of different materials and building options to choose from, Terraria certainly allows a lot of it. Players can do just about anything they want and build anything they want, as creativity is a key part of the game. There’s so much that gamers can do in this game, and for such a low cost, there’s no doubt that this game is well worth it for the freedom it allows everyone to experience.

9 Borderlands 2

The cover art for Borderlands 2, featuring several of the game's characters.

At first glance, it may seem like Borderlands 2 is just a silly, chaotic shoot em up game. But beyond the surface, it’s a highly engaging game with a massive amount of content. EditorBobAndCo notes that they, “probably only spent about £10/£15 but have over 500 hours in it and still love it.” It truly is a game that captivates players until they beat it.

As this Redditor mentioned, it’s possible to spend hundreds of hours playing and replaying the game. It’s one of the longest FPS games of all time, and every minute is an amazing experience for players. Every character has a distinct personality and backstory, giving the game even more weight. There are literally millions of weapons that can be found all over the game, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, giving many opportunities for players to have fun and kill anyone they come across and showing just how much this game is worth the cost.

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8 Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley gameplay still featuring the player fishing on their farm.

Sometimes, players just want to chill out rather than charge into battle shooting everything in sight. It may seem like a small game, but Stardrew Valley is massive in scope and completely worth the price of admission. Mundane_Aioli_8813 comments that they’ve “already spent countless hours thinking I’ve done a lot but yet I know I haven’t even explored half of it!”

It’s this massive world that’s what makes this cozy, Animal Crossing-like game worth the price. Large games that have an extremely fleshed-out world are certainly worth and when it comes to chill games, Stardrew Valley is a great pick for those that just want to turn their minds off and relax. With such an expansive world to explore and countless hours to do so, gamers will have no trouble exploring everything this game has to offer.

7 No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky promo art featuring an astronaut exploring a vast alien planet.

If expansive worlds help make games more likable despite costing lots of money, then No Man’s Sky is definitely worth it. Even though the game wasn’t the best at launch, this doesn’t make it a bad game. As tommie2019 points out, “the time and energy the devs put into making it the game it is today is stunning and haven’t charged any more for it.”

This shows an important factor in what makes one of the least stressful multiplayer games worth the cost. Even though there were several errors and shortcomings at launch, the developers never gave up on it. The work and dedication that they have put forward into making No Man’s Sky even better than what it was shows just how much they care about it and fixing the biggest problems the players found to make sure everyone enjoys it in the end.

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6 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 promo art featuring Geralt of Rivia drawing his sword.

The more things players get to do in a video game, the more likely they’ll buy it despite the cost. Such is the case for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As Yusei48 explains, this game is definitely worth the price because, “there’s always so much to do.” But it goes even further than that.

While there’s a lot of things to do in the game, the fact that new updates still make Wild Hunt playable also helps show how incredible the game is. The game developers have proven that they want to continue to make the game work years later, adding new material and showing how much they care for the lore of the game. The lore and story itself of the game continue to add to its quality, expanding the world of The Witcher even further and making the game worth it even more.

5 Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Promo art for Mass Effect Legendary Edition featuring a collage of the main cast.

Being able to purchase game compilations featuring most or all of the games in a franchise can definitely be worth it, especially if all the games in the compilation are of the highest quality. This is the case of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which, according to optimizedm, gives players like them “the ability to replay my all-time favorite years after, but slightly improved.”

Despite some harsh realities of replaying the series, the legendary collection is still very much worth the cost. Not only does it have all 3 games of the trilogy in it, but also every single Mass Effect DLC as well. This means that every piece of the story is in the hand of the players, and although the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is nowhere to be found, preventing gamers from playing with friends, it’s still an incredible buy worth every single penny.

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4 Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection promo art featuring Chief's helmet.

Taking the concept of game compilations to the extreme, Halo: The Master Chief Collection features every single FPS game in the Halo franchise from the first game all the way up to Halo 4. As B3RS3RK_CR0W comments, it’s the “Best bang for your buck in gaming.”

The Halo franchise helped to redefine the FPS genre entirely, and all the games in The Master Chief Collection are incredible games featuring some of the best characters in video game history. Not only did the latest edition of the game include fan-favorite games like Halo: Reach, but it also adapted all the games for the PC, something that only the first two games in the franchise had done before, making the game more accessible for more gamers, and thus worth the cost even more.

3 Civilization V

A game of Civilization 5

Great video games worth every penny also tend to be the most engaging video games out there, and there’s no franchise out there that proves this more than the Civilization franchise, especially when it comes to Civilization V. “It’s like it hypnotizes you,” says this Redditor. This level of engagement is something that every game in the franchise has.

With dozens of different civilizations to play as and hundreds of different units to create, Civilization V proves just why it’s one of the best 4x games ever and worth every cent. No game is ever played the same way twice. Enemy civilizations can be even tougher in the next game. Cities could be overrun by barbarians. There’s just no end to what could happen while building up a civilization in this game, making it a worthwhile buy.

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2 Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight promo art featuring the titular insectoid protagonist with his Nail sword.

Even games inspired by old platformer games can be worth it, as Hollow Knight clearly proved upon its release. Everything about the game was what anyone could ask for in a quality video game. As zzaannsebar points out, “The character designs, lore, art, game design, music, it’s all so wonderfully well done.”

The more things go right for a video game, the better it is, and thus, it’s more worth getting. Even though there are multiple harsh realities when replaying the game, Hollow Knightstill exceeded anyone’s expectations and is certainly worth getting. It does absolutely everything right and really shows off that platform games can still do well in a field dominated by open-world and FPS games. Without a doubt, this game is worth every last cent of the cost.

1 Titanfall 2

A man and a titan spring into action from Titanfall 2

Though many FPS games involve some sort of vehicle combat, Titanfall 2 takes it to the max, with much of the combat varying between the soldier and mech suit. This makes it an immensely fun game to play that’s worth its high price. As MulletAndMustache notes, “It’s the best shooter I’ve played. It’s fun playing as a titan or pilot, and the skill ceiling is huge.”

While it does take a lot of skill to get used to all the combat mechanics in the game, Titanfall 2 still holds up, even though unbeatable competition prevented it from being a hit at the time of release. It found much more support soon after, with an intriguing campaign that featured likable characters and intense battle scenes. It may not be the best game out there, but it’s still worth the price of admission.

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