10 Best Villain Couples In Anime

A two image collage. On the left, Lua Klein holds a bloodied but grinning Ladd Russo in Baccano! On the right, Tiziano strokes Squalo's chest in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

While Loid and Yor of Spy x Family are undeniably kindhearted people, the world is very lucky that they use their amazing strength and smarts for good. There are plenty of couples throughout the world of anime that, despite loving each other, get together not to save the world but to cause chaos in it.

From small-time criminals like in Cowboy Bebopto the most powerful and most evil couples in the world, as seen in Code Geass, these couples give darker meaning to the saying love conquers all.


Emperor Charles And Empress Marianne – Code Geass

Charles and Marianne fading away in Code Geass

Charles vi Britannia and his favorite lover Marianne are a rare case of the villainous couple being parents, to heroic children, no less. Their son Lelouch fights his way through one of the most dysfunctional royal families in anime to destroy his father in revenge for ignoring his mother’s apparent assassination.

But late in the series it’s revealed why Charles was so uncaring: Marianne never died, and furthermore was not at all as kind as Lelouch remembers her. They planned together to assimilate all of humanity using the Ragnarok Connection to create a “world without lies,” horrifying Lelouch, who they had expected to be on board with them on this.

Shinobu Sensui And Itsuki – Yu Yu Hakusho

Itsuki cradling Sensui's body in Yu Yu Hakusho.

Sensui’s goal is to open a doorway from the demon world so its inhabitants can lay waste to the human world, and Itsuki is his closest and longest-lasting supporter in this endeavor, ever since the day that Sensui spared his demonic life instead of slaying him. While Sensui tends to keep his feelings closer to his chest, Itsuki is very open about wanting to be lovers with Sensui.

Itsuki is enamored by the formerly heroic Sensui’s fall to evil, and is eager to watch him corrupted further and further, finding beauty in it and him. His loyalty to his master doesn’t even end with Sensui’s death. He is last seen taking Sensui’s corpse with him into another dimension as he flees.

Asimov And Katerina Solensan – Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop Asteroid Blues

These two are only seen in the opening episode of Cowboy Bebop, “Asteroid Blues,” but they certainly start the show with a bang, as married drug dealers trying to carry out one last job. They are also interesting because, rather than seeing the entire story of their relationship onscreen, audiences only get to meet them as it dies.

Though they were clearly close and loving once, from Katerina’s faith that they can put crime behind and be happy together, they’re falling apart by the time they get to the asteroid Tijuana. Whatever good was in Asimov has been burned out by Red Eye, breaking Katerina’s heart. Spike, running from a similar situation, can only sympathize with her.

Zoisite And Kunzite – Sailor Moon

Zoisite and Kunzite romance

Haruka and Michiru weren’t the only victims of censorship in Sailor Moon‘s 1990s English dub. One of the changes the dub made was to make Zoisite and Kunzite’s relationship explicitly romantic, and then to change Zoisite into a female character to avoid portraying a gay romance onscreen.

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Even so, they make a compelling couple. Zoisite is jealous of anyone who gets too close to Kunzite, and Kunzite’s stoicism only gives way to his affection for Zoisite. Ultimately, though, Zoisite is killed for his failure and dies in Kunzite’s arms, and when it’s Kunzite’s turn, he dies declaring he’ll soon be with Zoisite forever.

Ladd Russo And Lua Klein – Baccano!

A nervous Lua Klein holding up a bloodied but grinning Ladd Russo in Baccano!

Claire and Chane might be the stronger couple, but Claire is firmly on the heroes’ side despite questionable morals, and one would be hard-pressed to call Chane a villain. Who definitely can be called one is Ladd Russo, the Russo family’s resident maniac. Despite being a mild-mannered noncombatant, Lua is also just the right flavor of unhinged to match perfectly with him.

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Ladd’s favorite thing in the world is killing, and Lua wants nothing more in the world than to be killed by Ladd: with these two, “I wish I could kill you now and forever,” is as good as “I love you.” In the meantime, the two are actually quite protective of each other, with Ladd sacrificing his arm to protect Lua and Lua only ever raising her voice to warn Ladd of incoming threats.

Reo Niiboshi And Mabu Akutsu – Sarazanmai

Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu posing in their cop uniforms in Sarazanmai.

A truly tragic couple, Reo truly adored Mabu, to the point that when Mabu died in battle protecting Reo, Reo swore to do anything he had to to keep Mabu alive, namely sacrificing the lives of others for Mabu’s. However, Mabu was apparently brought back wrong, causing Reo to resent him for not being the man he knew.

Mabu, however, is the same person as before, but if he ever openly tells Reo he loves him again, he will die again. In the episode “I Want To Connect, But I Can’t,” he can’t take it anymore and does just those two things, horrifying Reo. It’s the biggest relief of the show when they appear at the end of the finale reborn into the “ultimate couple” they once were.

Squalo And Tiziano – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

squalo and tiziano in jojo's bizarre adventure Cropped

While not quite on the list of the best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure villains, Squalo and Tiziano of Golden Wind are the only two that come as a couple, if you don’t count whatever Dio and Pucci have going on in Stone Ocean. Often seen lounging against one another as they observe their targets, their Stands also operate best as a pair.

Tiziano’s Talking Heads, which causes the victim to be unable to tell the truth, is an effective safeguard against anyone warning the victims of Squalo’s Clash, a mechanical shark that changes size and travels through liquid, that they’re about to consume something deadly. They are devoted to one another, with Tiziano even willing to take a bullet for Squalo.

Jessie And James – Pokémon

Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie And James Partners

While many fans interpret this pair’s relationship as close friendship, others place them among the ranks of the best anime couples out there. Jessie and James were both lonely as children, without friends or familial support, but once they were paired together as new recruits of Team Rocket, they hit it off instantly.

From then on, the two were inseparable. Though they often get on each other’s nerves (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not), they stick together through thick and thin: battling as a pair, supporting each other’s interests outside their jobs, and refusing to abandon the goals they’ve set together. On the audiences’ side, Jessie and James are always more fun to watch together than separately.

Marco Ikusaba And Ai Mikami – Future Diary

Ai Mikami and Marco Ikusaba standing beside each other and smiling proudly in Future Diary.

Yukiteru and Yuno might commit all manner of horrible acts in the name of winning the survival game and, eventually, staying together, but as protagonists they don’t count here. Who does count, however, are their opponents over the course of three episodes, Marco and Ai.

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They fight as one competitor, sharing the Exchange Diary, which tells each one the other’s future so they can effectively watch each other’s backs. Having had a close bond since childhood, Marco and Ai’s teamwork is seamless, far surpassing Yuki and Yuno’s, and when they find themselves beaten anyway, they choose to die together.

Light Yagami And Misa Amane – Death Note

Light Yagami and Misa Amane from Death Note, in a split image.

At first, Light doesn’t go into his mission as Kira looking for a partner. Even after joining up with Misa, he still doesn’t want one. Yet when the second Death Note user tracks him down and offers her eternal love, for killing her parents’ murderer when the law didn’t give her justice, he reasons that it would be foolish not to accept.

Their romance is largely a ploy, but they are still a force to be reckoned with together, with two Death Notes at their disposal. Though Light thinks little of her cheerful disposition and constant shows of affection, Misa is far from stupid: she knows Light isn’t in love with her, but she’s still intensely loyal to the person she believes is all she has left in life, and hides the same fierce vengefulness behind her smile that he does.

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