10 Best Subclasses To Multiclass With

Best multiclass options in 5e DnD

The controversial OGL 1.1 update for Dungeons and Dragons has been causing uproar online, and with good reason. Properties such as Critical Role are being pressured by fans to let Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast know just how polarizing their decisions on the new edition could be.

It’s a sorry state of affairs because 5e has been one of the most modular and fun TTRPGs to play with a huge player base. The subclasses have gotten better over time, but if the OGL update comes to pass, then it’ll be dark times ahead for fans of the 5e system.


Echo Knight Fighter

MtG Barbarian art with spirit token

Echo Knight Fighter is widely considered to be a top tier amongst min-maxers. After all, it’s just another Fighter for the player to work with. The echo offers unparalleled versatility and battlefield control. The teleportation and unorthodox angles of attack make it an awesome dip for any martial fighter.

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Echo Knight particularly works well with Ancestral Barbarian. Not only is that combination flavorful, but it also works well mechanically. The disadvantage on hit against anybody except the Echo Barb makes for some punishing traps in battle. They can either stay and get hit by a Barbarian or get hit with an opportunity attack by the Echo a few feet away. Other good multiclass options are Fathomless Warlock or Gloomstalker.

Totem Warrior Barbarian

Kresh the Bloodbraided MtG art

The Totem Warrior subclass has one of the best 3rd-level dips in the entire game, specifically because of Totem Bear. The other features are fine, but few things beat the general goodness that is resistance. Psychic damage is quite rare too, so Totem Bear is pretty much a free “panic button” for any compatible class.

For those that don’t want to die, a good combo is starting as a Totem Warrior Barbarian until level 3. After that, go into Moon Druid for the rest of the levels. The HP boost from Wild Shape makes the player a meaty mountain of pure muscle. Few things can hope to put down a raging Totem Bear Bear Druid. Other good combos would be Valor Bardbarian or Battle Master Fighter.

Divine Soul Sorcerer

Sun Priest art from MTG

Sorcerer is a class with powerful features in almost all of its subclasses. Any dip would be good, but Divine Soul fits mechanically and thematically the most with other classes. Any class could believably have a Divine Soul after all. Divine Soul’s powerful healing and “Favored by the Gods” attack roll buff are fantastic.

The most popular combo is Any Paladin Oath 6/Divine Soul Sorcerer 14. Whether it’s Vengeance or Devotion, Sorcadin is a powerful combo. Not only that, the ability to wear heavy armor as a heal-heavy caster amps up the player’s survivability. There’s also a much larger pool of spell slots to smite with. Other combos would be with Peace or Order Cleric.

Knowledge Cleric

MtG nerdy wizard art

Some people want to build their classes, not just for combat but to be good at a bunch of roleplay things. To be a true Jack of All Trades, a Knowledge Cleric dip is a must. On the 1st level, it grants proficiencies in two languages, and Expertise in two skills from the four options: Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion. Early on, this could bypass a lot of tough secrets. The 2nd level of Divinity is good too.

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It grants proficiency in any skill for 10 minutes. Medium armor is also really good for the Rogues, Bards, and Sorcerers that take levels in it. The ultimate skillmonkey build would be taking a dip in Lore Bard (for three bonus proficiencies and Jack of All Trades) then with Scout Rogue (for Expertise in Nature and Survival) alongside extra mobility. No skill checks are safe with this build.

Fey Wanderer Ranger

Knight of Autumn in MtG art

Ranger got a lot of buffs thanks to Tasha’s updates, but one of the best Rangers to dip into right now is Fey Wanderer. Dreadful Strikes is a fine way to deal extra damage and all, but the real benefit here is Otherworldly Glamour. This allows Wisdom casters to be the face of the party without becoming too MAD. It’s good to take Ranger up to 5th level before multiclassing out.

A great combo with Fey Wanderer is pretty much any Druid. Druids will have high Wisdom, so Otherworldly Glamour has amazing synergy for them. It also leaves them room to pick up feats that could further help the group. Other good combos with Fey Wanderer would be any Cleric, particularly Nature for the thematic synergy.

Bladesinger Wizard

Spectra Ward art from MtG

Wizards are typically associated with pure casters, preferring to deal damage with their spells instead of martial prowess. Bladesinging goes against that by combining swordplay with spellcasting. At 2nd level, Bladesingers gain incredible mobility and AC bonuses that make them incredibly hard to hit. They also gain a bonus to concentration saving throws, great for any INT caster.

Two-level is usually good enough, but taking Bladesinger to 6th level is fantastic for their improved Extra Attack, which allows cantrips in place of Extra Attack. Arcane Trickster Rogue is the best multiclass dip for this build. Rogues are already plenty slippery, and Bladesong makes that even more apparent. Artificers could also get a lot from the extra survivability.

Battle Master Fighter

Noble Banneret Art from MtG

Battle Master Fighter is the most versatile Fighter subclass thanks to their maneuvers. Any martial class would stand to benefit from the maneuvers gained from Battle Master. Think of a Battle Master dip as adding seasoning to a martial’s typical strategy. Rangers, with their wide range of fun features, benefit a lot from maneuvers.

In particular, the Gloom Stalker/Battle Master Fighter is a fantastic DPS combo. The bonus damage and initiative mean Battle Masters can capitalize on their maneuvers very quickly. Barbarian isn’t a bad multiclass option either. Reckless Attack’s downsides could easily be mitigated with the right maneuver. Rogues dips are also great with Battle Master.

Gloom Stalker Ranger

MtG Dimir Ranger art

Gloom Stalkers lurk in the dark places where no other heroes will delve, and that has made them masters of ambush tactics. For that reason, Gloom Stalker Rangers are amazing multiclass options for Rogues. Take Gloom Stalker to the fifth level for Extra Attack, bonus to initiative rolls, additional weapon attacks, and darkvision. These in tandem make for a terrifying Rogue.

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The best subclass to dip into with Gloom Stalker is Assassin Rogue. Assassins gain an advantage on attack rolls against creatures that haven’t taken their turn yet. Not only that, if they were surprised, it’s an automatic critical hit, which when taken with sneak attack dice and Gloom Stalker attacks is a lot of hurts. Another good multiclasses with Gloom Stalker is Battle Master.

War Cleric

Boros Reckoner art from MtG

Clerics are one of the most powerful classes to just a single class thanks to their Divine Intervention. However, that doesn’t stop them from being fantastic dips either, as all their good features tend to be in the first two levels. For example, War Cleric gets proficiency in martial weapons and heavy armor, making them a fantastic dip for any class without access to it.

War Priest grants a bonus action weapon attack, and Guide Strike grants a +10 bonus to attack rolls for sure strikes. For those that take War Cleric to the 6th level, they can grant that bonus to other creatures as well as a reaction. Great multiclass combos with War Clerics are fantastic with Gloom Stalker Rangers or Inquisitive Rogues.

Hexblade Warlock

Elf Art from MtG

Hexblade Warlock is the best multiclass dip out of any subclass in the game, and it’s not even close. Not only does it top most surveys about best multiclass options, but it’s also extremely powerful with a single-level dip. Martial weapon, shield, and medium armor proficiencies are great boons for Sorcerer multiclass dips. Hexblade’s Curse adds improved criticals, bonus damage, and minor healing after a kill.

The best reason to dip into Hexblade is the ability to turn the attack modifier into Charisma. The biggest worry with any multiclass has always been going to MAD (Multiple Ability Dependent). Hexblades skip that problem by tying the face stat and attack stat into one. For Charisma casters such as Paladin, Bards, and Sorcerers, that even goes into spellcasting, so it allows for some very powerful combos. No Charisma class wouldn’t benefit from a dip in Hexblade.

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